Paddy cultivation in AP

Unfortunately approximately 80 thousand acres left vacant for this year kharif crop as the farmers could not sell the rabi paddy. There are many areas where paddy got germinated due to the lack of buyers and storage facility.  Goverment of India imposed ban on exports of food grains since 2007 and millions of tons remained in FCI godowns . Government of india fixed low minimum price for paddy and already they are under loss. this year there no bvuyers even at minimum price. supreme court asked to distribute among poor insted of wasting. but no one to accept qny proposal.
we must follow vietnam policy. they sell excess food grains after watching the crop yield and leaving the required stocks. we dont have such policy waste food grains under the name FOOD SECURITY.

I know some export has been opened up, but it seems too late to go against the crop holiday already.

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to prevent germination  of rice seeds  dip the bunch in  10-20% solution of salt  and make a heap and cover it. it will prevent germination and prevent fungal attack. nowadays there are lot of  super market
chains are there. plse keep in touch with them
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