Own organic vegetables from home

Dear friends,

I am Arun prasath.s from Tamilnadu.

Now days most of all people eating organic chemically manufactured vegetables,it give only food and diseases not for health.
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You can also start your own organic vegetable shop from your home.

“Nothing matter !
Just you need passion !
plants will grow with your passion!”

so I am started cultivating own organic vegetables from my home.

1.All type of spinach
2.3 types of beans
4.bitter guard
5.ridge guard
10.ladies finger
12.melon musk

It gives good natural flavour and taste.
Not only for taste also gives much pleasure,mind relax,reduce stress and beauty your home.

If you want plan to cultivate own organic vegetables from home, contact me.

I can change home into own organic vegetables shop.
I can change home into healthy home

It may initially some more cost,but not more than from your budget
,but there is many advantages.

1.You can cultivate own organic vegetables
2.Its very fresh and natural,with out chemical
3.Its gives deep relax,when u contact with plants
4.Mostly avoid the vegetable cost throughout the year ,buying from shop
5.Your home will be cool,because direct sun light not hit the roof
6.Your garden will reduce the global warming,its very important for robotic world.
7.Birds ,squirels will come to your house.
8.Its reduce the transport cost,when u purchasing by bike or car for vegetables.
9.by this you can reduce the traffic and pollutions.

some tips
1.Put 2 bricks under the pots,because water leak not goes to roof.
2.or Plastic sheet under the pot

some referenece,
1.cities like bangalore and chennai ,some peoples understand the present situtaion and going to the natural way of life.
I saw in bangalore,many house doing the organic garden from home.

if the cost is more means,you can grow the few plants,if u like means go ahead.

contact:  +91-9171459424

Dear Arun,
An excellent thought for the new year i must say.
Do post some photos if you can and elaborate how you have gone about it.

I have a good 400 sq ft around my house, where i may follow your advice and do some of the work you suggest.