Owls eating Grapes

Hi Gurus,

I’m very new to this forum(just registered).
We have a Grapes farm(in Pune district, MH, IN) and have been doing it for a decade now. A new color verity is at harvesting(next month) and we started facing a new problem.

The grapes are being destroyed by Owls at night. When we guarded the farm at night, we found a flock of around 500-1000 owls(small ones) comes and eating grapes wasting badly.

I googled about it and didn’t find any one facing this problem. Hence, I’m not sure how can we stop these little beasts.
There are a few bird,owl repellent products available in western countries however, not sure if they’ll help us here.

In my area, a few of my friends are also facing the same problem. Strangely, this flock doesn’t get attracted to white grapes(I might be speculating it … our white grapes are still at early stage).

Please suggest.

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You can buy old fishing nets from farmers and cover the entire area. Just do the cost calculation and decide.

I am surprised to hear that the owls are eating the grapes. They are carnivores. Also the number you have specified seems more like bats are converging on your farm and doing the damage. Owls are mainly solitary. They don’t flock and are territorial.

I have tried to keep out birds and small animals earlier on my farm by taking out the tapes from old audio cassettes and tying them across the length of the plots. Give some twists to the tapes before tying the ends. In the night, with a bit of wind, these tapes make a whirring sound that could possibly disorient the owls (they have a keen sense of hearing).

Hope it works for you. Cheers!



@Padmanabhan: Yes, We have started covering the farm with nets.

@Vivek: you’re correct, these are bats. We managed to catch a few last night and figured it out :blush:

The bats are not reacting to tapes and flickering lights. I guess Owl statues might keep them away. Anyway, most of us have now started covering the farms with nets. I hope that will help. I’ll let you know.