Overview of the Italy Agricultural Machinery Market

The further development of agricultural mechanization and modernization in Italy contributes to the development and production of the  agricultural machinery with high efficiency: the tractor power is improved, and the tractor can be equipped with other farming facilities to carry out high-speed & wide combine-process of ploughings, harrowing, planting and fertilizing, improving work efficiency and saving energy; micro-electronics, computer and GPS, etc advanced technology are widely applied to medium and large agricultural machinery.

Italy is a dominating country working on the agricultural machinery manufacture and sales. Most of its agricultural machinery is for exporting, and the exports value ranks second in the world.

Main agricultural machinery enterprises and their products in Italy:

FIATAGRI tractor, power from 12.5kw to 176.5kw; FORD tractor, power from 9.2kw to 294kw; NEWHOLLAND combine harvester, 15 types and power form 88.2kw to 220.6kw; FIATAGRI combine harvester, 15 types and power from 88.2kw to 205.9kw. They are all produced by NEWHOLLAND company. And the combine harvester form this company is taking 15% market share in North America, 26% in North Europe; the binder machine , green fodder harvester and grape harvester, etc. their market share in North America is 30%-40%.

There is another company producing tractor, the SAME company, whose annual production can be 40,000 units, including hundreds of types with power from 22kw to 125kw. And 40% of the production is for export. Tractor from the SAME company is equipped with plough, plow,  [url=http://www.farming-machine.com/product/planting-machine/index.htmlseed planter[/url], binder machine, etc and can be used in paddy field, dry land and grapery.

Italy agricultural machinery market development trend and features:

1. According to recent years’ farm-machine production, it can be estimated that the next few years’ production growth rate should be kept stable.
2. Export value is more than import value. And this kind of situation will keep unchanged for a period of time. There is a limited domestic market, so most of the farming machines form Italy are for exporting ( the ratio is 50%-70%), 70%-80% of which is sold to EU countries. But in the meantime, Italy imports a certain amount of agricultural equipments from other countries to keep trade balance.
3. Crawler tractor is still taking a certain portion of the tractor production. With the manufacture of four-wheel drive tractor, the market of crawler tractor is decreasing year by year. However, Italy holds a certain amount of crawler tractor production in the late 1990s, which will be remained without changing.


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