Organic Paddy Farming Help..?

Dear all,

As paddy season is started i am going to start HMT variety paddy crop in my  5 acre plot.As of now i have mulched green gram,cow pea and Daincha …

Please suggest me about the manures and preventive measures to be Taken during the Crop period to get a good yield.

Check below link and contact this farmer. He has 20+years in organic paddy … C_2009.pdf

Thanks for the link,i have mailed that person for help and advice but no reply at all…

Talk to him. there is a telephone number in the presentation.

Talk to these to farmers

  1. Syed Ghani Khan: He has 800+ verities of paddy and 200+ verities of Mango. He grows them organically. Kirugavalu,Mysuru.8951713351
  2. Rechanna: He also has big collection of Paddy verities. Organic paddy grower. Mysuru Dist. 9481321530

Syed ghani khan and Rechanna are my mentors and they are my inspiration …i already have their number and visited them many times…Am really thankful to you sri…