Organic/Natural Farms In around HYDERABAD

Hi all…
This is my post here…
Happy :slight_smile: to find a great forum like this related to farming…

I am organic/natural farming enthusiast… and looking to learn more about organic farming by visiting some farms around Hyd before really getting into it.

Could somebody give me references / contacts of existing organic farms in and around Hyderabad (with in ~100KM)…
Would like to visit in the next week.

Thanks in advance…
anil reddy

Can I assume that no farms available for site visits in and around Hyderabad?  :astonished: :frowning:
Please help!

Yes there are some farms. …like what do you want to do ?

Farmers are busy people, so you may want to find a few on the forum and message them direct to work out a time! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.
I just want to visit the farms and get the first hand experience of natural/organic farming before starting on our own.
I have good land with plenty of water supply which is currently under chemical and trying to acquire one virgin land.
Once I get good picture of the natural farming, would like to start small and grow. [I am ready to learn from failures/losses for couple of years]

Thank you.
Yes, good idea but I don’t have idea which members have natural farms around Hyd !

There are farms around Hyderabad …i have one but too busy right now to give a one on one tour. Busy till the 7th of Feb.

There is a convergence from 5-7th in Hyderabad which might give you an idea about different forms of farming.

Check the event schedule and speaker list.

Hi Anil,

I am from IT background and want to get into Organic farming like you. I have done some research on it but have not visited in any farms because of my tight schedule. I do not have any land but am trying to acquire some initially.

Please find the below links from youtube which can provide some knowledge.

ZBNF by Subhash Palekar (Telugu): This is like a training program for Organic bingers

Also find some videos of farmers shown on TV. One way to geain knowledge is seeing some TV programs and if you do not have time find the same videos on Youtube when ever you are free.

Khanderao K