Organic methods to control termite problem

Please provide remedies for termite attack and infestation in red soil areas

Probably having some chicks in the farm might help mutual. The chick feeds on termite and grows.

Usually summer ploughing is done to expose the termites to sunlight as sunlight is known to kill termites.

Alternatively, sprinkle either sugar or jaggery or anything similar to attract ants in the termite infested area as ants are known to eat termites.

Metarhizium anisopliae is supposed to be effective against termites. It is available with a number of biopesticide companies.

We used neem cake to control cutworm in our potato field. And the results so far have been encouraging. Try it in small area. It is also an excellent organic fertilizer.

Good luck.


pour common salt solution from where the termite emerges from the soil