Organic Mango Farming in AP

We have about 20 acres of land near Nellore, AP. My dad is planning for Mango farm but I am more interested in doing it the traditional way.

I was doing some research in Google and fortunately found this website. Is there any one who is currently engaged in organic production of Mangos, either Banaganapalli or Alphonso? Our area produce a LOT of banaganapalli but haven’t heard of Alphonso so I am confused as to whether go for Banaganapalli or Alphonso. Our soil is red. What is the best place to procure plants in AP or even other states? Is it best to plant with 12m x 12m or 10m x 10m spacing? Is 20 acres land enough to start with?

I am currently in the process of setting up proper irrigation for the entire land before I take any further steps.

Hi Suresh

You can check out my website

I am developing a UHDP mango/gauva/lemon/pomegranate plantation of 32 acres, We have planted about 12 varieties are 10ft by 6 ft spacing, which is enough for growing. Alphonso should do very well under those conditons.

We have 1500 plants of banganapalli at the same spacing and will let you know the results in a year.


Hi Shiv,

Thank you so much for your response.

I am probably going to go with Banganapalli, I know these grow pretty big so it would require lot of grooming to fit in 10ft x 6ft right? How many max per acre?

Where did you get your plants from? in AP or outside?


Dear Suresh,
Appreciate for your interest in Agriculture even you residing in US.
You can have either of Alpanso or Banganapally, both are good but Alpanso has higher value for its special characters and taste.

Spacing for plantation.
25 feet to 30 feet distance is traditional spacing. However nowadays people are experimenting with high-density plantation i.e. 15f distance between the plants and lines. It is advisable that have 30 feet spacing between plants and lines. You can have another inter crop of Melia Dubia/Amla/Tamrind/Sapota/Musambi/Lemon/Moringa etc between two mango plants.

Selection of plants.
Anywhere in the nearby nursery is ok, but be careful to identify correct variety.

Irrigation facility fro Mango.
If water source is available, then install drip lines to provide water for mango plants along with other inter crops if any.

Farming method.
Better to go with  Natural Farming or Organic. However the method which you select should avoid application of chemical and pertilizers.
Wishing you all the best.

Hi Suresh/Swamy

The planting distance depends to a great extent on the amount of training that you want to provide the plant. Lesser the height that you want it to grow, more pruning required, but after a while it becomes pretty easy.

We started off with banganapalli/kesar/dusheri in 20 X 20 spacing and had around 100-110 plants per acre. This year, we trimmed all of them out to 6 ft X 6ft and planted additional plants in between. We have around 13 acres set up in this fashion and another 7 acres with mixed varities of mangoes. There are currently about 48 varities, with another 24 expected in 2 months.The density now is at 680-700 plants per acre. You can also check out, where another farmer from Ohio state, also has a high density alphonso plantation going on.

We are trying to convert all our practices to organic and natural farming.


Thanks Shiv for your valuable inputs.

I think I will start with 12ft x 12ft and see how it goes. I don’t want to start of wit 700 plants per acre, will total around 14000 plants for 20 acres, some what un-manageable to start with :slight_smile:

We were unsuccessful in bore well last time but we are trying again now with help of a local hydrology expert(?). I got to get water in before jumping into this.


Best of luck. Plant a few varities, as almost everyone plants banganapalli in AP and the price crashes.


Forgot to mention about where we bought the plants from. We have a variety of banginpalli from Chittor, which grows pretty well.

You can chat with Mallesh our horticulture specialist,who supplies mango plants all over AP. Great guy, his number is 9866737452.

Depending on the variety and the year, the price varies.


Cool. Thanks for the contact.

Hi Suresh,

I have a Mango Farm planted 13 years back, with a Badami variety developed by Sivashakti Nursery,
named Vnisan 876, I too have red soil, my farmhouse is 80 Km from Hyderabad towards Vikarabad.
Recommeded spacing by the Nursery then was 8x8m. Orchard is fruit bearing now and a good yield
for that matter.- I have 750 trees in all.

What I am trying to tell you is, Spacing normally is dependent on the variety of mango you choose and
its propagation, purpose basically is to see that 2 trees do not come into contact with each other as they grow over a period of time and enough of sunlight reaches the tree from all sides. Otherwise the red soil you have is the best suited for mango as it requires well drained soil platform.

Don’t worry go ahead, need any help tell me., i have added some pics here for u to see.


Lovely farm, Mumtaz!
I wonder how you keep the area between the trees so clear of all weeds.


Hi Chandra, It’s all part of orchard management, what you are seeing in the attached pics is the
situation during summer time, Come rains and the situation becomes very difficult, so much of
grass n weeds, it really becomes a costly affair ploughing, cultivating & putting Blade using rental
tractor @ Rs. 450/hour, real running around.

Some pics during rainy season are attached for your information.

Thank you for your inputs. Appreciate it.

Inputs from “dns1807, anushafarms and mumtaz” simply put vast repertoire of knowledge and great many thanks to them, I will also try this method in my farm, which is presently used for rice cultivation.

Keesar mango

Can we plant Keesar mango in Telangana

Mostly looks like it is Gujarat usual variety

Is. It viable doable ( plant grows OK in telanagana weather

Thank you

Dear Sri Bundyfarmer,

Kesar mango is of Gujarat area variety. m/s Reliance group is having a 165 hectors kesar mango farm in Gujarat state, growing successfully and exporting to International markets with RIL brand mango, successfully.

Reliance group is having a kesar mango nursery in samalkot,east godavary dist of Andhrapradesh. pl contact them and you can get good information from them.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer