Organic fertilizers



Hello Dear Farmers,
I am new in farming, I need guide for how to create homemade organic fertilizers/ pesticide for pomegranate.


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Make Your Own Fertilizer for Pomegranate Trees


Pomegranate, being an orchard crop, is a heavy feeder of nutrients. The recommended fertiliser dose is 600–700 gm of N, 200–250 gm of P2O5 and 200–250 gm of K2O per tree per year. In order to meet these nutritional needs, pomegranate growers should plan and follow the fertiliser management practices in a proper manner. Check this detailed step by step cultivation,management, farming tips for pomegranate from Mahadhan Fertilizers - Step By Step Farming Tips for Pomegrante


Thank you for reply…
Great Information …
But i’m looking for home made Organic fertilizer.