Organic fertilizers for custard apple fruit growth

Hi team,

I am cultivating custard apple in 6 acres and I am preferring to the plants in organic method.
Can any one please suggest me the fertilizer to improve the fruit size, organic fertilizer is preferred one.

Ashoka MS

Use Jevamrutham and Panchagavya

Hi Bharadwaja,

Yes I tried organic decomposer and Jevamrutham , those helped plants to grow healthy.
Even I tried felvic, humic, seaweed extract, Amino Acid combination for flowering and fruit setting - yielded good result.
Now looking for organic Micro nutrients for the fruit growth.

Ashoka MS

Hi Krish,

Thanks allot for the valuble suggition, But I do have few clarrification and can you please help me with the below.

  1. The product " Khuba Soil Conditioner" you mentined looks promising, Did you use the product or if you know anyone who used this product, Please let me know the contact details.

  2. I have used one of the oganic product called Dr.Soil, I spent almost 50 thoused but I did not get the required results, So this time i am bit causius.

  3. I have my form near chintamani located in chikkabalapura, do i get the product deliverd if i book.

Ashoka MS

Mysuggestion would be stick to jeevamrutha,panchagavya, mixed oil cakes especially more of castor,wood ash etc

Hi Shobha,

Hi Shobha,

Thanks for the Valuable suggestion, It will be great if you help me with below Request.

  1. Yes I am providing Organic manure which contains Cow, sheep dung and poultry waste after plants pruning

  2. also providing mixed oil powder at the stage of fruit development

  3. Yes I am also in favour of jeevamrutha,panchagavya, but I have seen the people started forming using those methods, eventually after 2 to 3 years they stopped using because we should maintain desi cows for and some other reason which I am not pretty sure

  4. Research scientist from IIHR who developed this plant verity suggested to Provide NPK (Nitrogen, potassium and prosperous) along with organic manure at the time of pruning, But I could find only Chemical mixture of NPK in the market(I am not in favour of using them)

  5. We now how costly to maintain the form these days, We will get the better fruits size when we provide the micronutrients which leads to better profits, but people using Urea, Potash and some other chemicals for the better yield (I am not in favour of using them also ).

  6. Now lot of companies are approaching in the name of organic products, which more expensive and I don’t have trust on those product.

  7. I am looking for someone who can help me with genuine organic products.

Ashoka MS

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Hi SwamiDas

I can arrage funding …you have to repay back .
In 5 years ( Principle + Interst )

Can you share your Business plan.
Do you have any existing loans ?

BOBTINO, Agronmics

I have 1.15 acre land in Devanahalli

2.Provide Mixed oil cake 2 to 3 times a year once after pruning
Prior to flowering and fruit formation spray mixed oil and fish amino acids
I am now trying one product from IIHR organic micronutrients the medium is magnesium and another product castor cake as medium, I can tell the results in a few weeks

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Hi Shobha,

Thanks for the valuable suggestion, I will be looking forward to hear feedback on IIHR organic product.

Ashoka MS