Organic farming supplies near Bengaluru

Hello Everyone
I am new to farming and recently purchased 1 acre agriculture land near kolar. I want to pursue organic farming. Just wanted to check people near Bengaluru from where I can get supplies like vermi compost, neem cake, jeevaamrut, beejamrut?

Hello Harsh Kumar,

We can supply you our BIOSOL SANJIVINI - an concoction of Bacteria which will make your produce purely organic. Our bacteriae supply NPK to plants surficciently and keep them healthy from fungus attack.
We recommend 5Lts/Acre and cost Rs.6000/-.

Pls contact me if you need supply and help.

Mahesh BABU

Do not take anything from outside, prepare by yourself.It is best way and pure

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Hi Harsh,

This is Srinivasan Krishnan from Ranghas Agro Products.

Please find our Business profile for your kind reference.

We manufacture & export Farm & Garden inputs.
We can supply any quantity and any parts of India through lorry parcel service.

You can please contact me at 9886042794 for your requirements.

Business Profile:
Company Name: Ranghas Agro Products
Industry: Agriculture and Gardening
Contact: Srinivasan
Phone: 9886042794

Ranghas Agro Products is dedicated to providing high-quality agricultural and gardening solutions for farmers and garden enthusiasts.

With a wide range of carefully formulated and manufactured products, we aim to fulfill the requirements of our farmer friends and plant lovers.

Product Range:
We offer a diverse range of products suitable for all types of plants, trees, and crops.

Our products are formulated using the finest ingredients to ensure optimal plant growth and health

  1. Mixed 5 Cake Powder: Rs.34/- per kg
    Ingredients: Neem, Karanja, Mahua, Groundnut, Sesame
  2. Neem Cake Powder: Rs.32/- per kg
    Ingredients: Neem
  3. Neem-based Growth Booster EC Liquid: Rs.410/- per litre
    Ingredients: Humic, Fulvic
  4. Ponneem Mix (Neem + Karanja) EC Liquid: Rs.410/- per litre
    Ingredients: Neem, Karanja
  5. Jaggery Powder (Chemical Free Preparation)
    Agri Purpose: Rs.48/- per kg
    Food Purpose: Rs.58/- per kg

Marketing and Reach:
We kindly request your support in reaching out to potential customers who can benefit from our high-quality products.

Please share this message in your WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, and friends’ circles.

Together, we can connect with more customers who share a passion for agriculture and gardening.

For any further inquiries or to place an order, please feel free to contact Srinivasan, 9886042794 by a call / WhatsApp message.

Thank you :pray: for your support in spreading the word about Ranghas Agro Products.
We look forward to serving you and contributing to the success of your farming and gardening endeavors

What is the purpose of vermi compost, neem cake etc? Is it for land enhancement or any particular use?

More details needed to provide solutions.


Many organic products are available on the website -
Moreover, you can avail video call facility with agri-doctors on BharatAgri.
They will guide on your organic farming journey.