Organic Farming financial sustainability

Hello Group Members,

I am confident that this topic must have churned here many times before also. However, I am just trying to understand who overall buy organic framing products in India.

I made contact with some of the institutional buyers but it seems they are all fine with regular vegetables stuff coming in. It doesn’t make sense to call upon them for sailing.

Can any one here please illustrate the finance of Organic production and probable market avaialble for this crop here in India.

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Kailash Pandhare

  1. You would have tried with premium prices.
  2. There is no gurantee that all your veggies are organic, if anybody adultrates and sells also one cannot makeout.
  3. Try with market prices, demonstrate them the shelflife,taste of your product, once they are convinced they will pay you a premium price.

In my city there is a sunday veg organic market , the transaction happens only for 2hrs all the veggies get sold, some old timer have picked up desi cow milk. they just for this milk. There is also instaces the if there is a delay in farmers arrival buyers wait peacefully.


Great to hear that people are waiting for farmer to bring them organic veggies.  This show people are getting well aware of organic stuff.

I will try to sale my stuff in open market but I am still looking if there any institutional buyer for this organic stuff.

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Namdharifresh is one of institional buyer.