Organic farming Financial Projections

Greetings to all members,

I am Graduation student pursuing a hotel management degree and took up Organic farming as my topic for my New enterprise creationFor this i need to create a Business plan followed by a bank style interview.My idea is to produce and supply organic fruits and vegetables to hospitality industry (4 & 5 star hotels and restaurants) and also have farm stay facility.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with the financial projections for my business plan.I really want to know how much money i can make from fruits and vegetables.

I have made the following assumptions.

  1. The land is 11 acres, with 10 cows on which farming was going on (as i had leased it to third party).Hence i wont need time on converting from chemical to organic.I own the land which has a land value of 50 lacs per acre.Its located at ck palya near bannerghatta raod.

  2. I would farm on 10 acres n leave one acre for cottages n eco tourism (10 cottages).

  3. I would also raise money from Vegetable tourism (idea generated from vine tours in vineyards).This would also help to promote and educate people about benefits of organic food.

  4. The following crops already are in the land - Mango tree (15),Sapota (300), Coconut(200), Jack fruit (4), Banana (1000).I have done this to show that i can start having immediate income after the startup n wont have waiting period.

Here are some of my questions

  1. What tax is involved with organic produce?
  2. Do i get  any subsidies ?
  3. How much labour would be required?
  4. Which fruits and vegetables can i grow ( bangalore weather)?

Would really appreciate if anyone could forward me any business plan or any financial projections u would have.
Hope this info will help other members.

Eagerly awaiting any reply.I need this very urgently as i need to submit in two days.Apologies for any inconvenience caused as im asking for this at the last moment.


dear organic student, pl be specific about your lands structure,soil colour,sandy or loomy,with or without stones,colour of the stones,ph of the soil,water availability details,EC and ph of water,etc are required ,and hence get your soil and water be tested to step further.upto our knowledge,except few, all most variety of fruits and vegetables can be grown in Bengaluru weather conditions. then only any specialist or authority can advice you.I can suggest you to go for organic farming under guidance of a suitable expert and/or senior will be succesful.wish you all the best.

Have you started this project