Organic farming beginner

Dear All,

My name is Jagan.I would like to start an organic farm(small scale) on my own…I have been working in software field for the past 5 years…I dont know anything about farming…

Can anybody suggest…how should i start to know more about farming and organic farming plz…

With Regards,

Hi Jagan,

Welcome and thanks for taking a step to a new career.

I am also a software professional and a farmer. You can visit my farm website that can help you to get started. I have written all my experiences in this website blog.

On top of that if you have any question, ask here and I will try my best to reply as soon as I can.

Thanks and good luck!

Hi Sheo Narayan,

Thanks a million, your efforts for build this farm is really inspiring and useful…
Could not reply you soon…sorry for that…

Will definitely start building a new farm(atleast a small one)…
if i have any doubts regarding this, will ask you…

May be one day i would like to visit your farm for sure!!!

Thanks a million and great job!!!
Keep Rocking!!!  :slight_smile:

With Regards,

Thanks Jagan. I am glad you liked it and want to visit.

You are more than welcome.


Hello All,

I am a new member of this wonderful forum and would like to get in touch with some really nice people of the farming community. I am new to Farming and would like to get into Natural Farming in the near future. I have been trying to get some knowledge about Natural Farming over web and going through posts of Farmnest, have been following Farmnest closely for the past 2-3 months. I wanted to thank each and every member of this forum for their posts and replies, an amazing place for people like me who want to get into Farming.
I recently procured around 13 acres of land in my native village, this place is around 100 kms from Hyderabad, 30 kms inwards from Jangaon which is on the Hyderabad - Warangal highway. This process took me more than an year. The land is basically red soil, I don’t have much knowledge about the kind of soil as I am new to this field. This land has not been irrigated for nearly 2 years, will try to get some pictures shortly for you to look. I am planning to go for a borewell followed by electricity connection if I am lucky enough to find some ground water. If everything goes well I am not very sure where and how to start with. I need some suggestions/help from Farming friends. I also would like to visit some farms of this community near Hyderabad and get some knowledge out of this. I am in US right now, will be in Hyderabad for a short duration early February, greatly appreciate if some of you can help me with this request.

Nishikanth R Eppa