Organic farmers within 100 km of bengaluru

I am techie working in Bengaluru and want to learn organic farming techniques.
I am looking forward to connect with organic farmers who are within 2hr drive from Bengaluru so that I can visit them on weekends and learn/ work together with them.
If you are having a organic farm within 2-3 hr drive from Bengaluru, please leave a message…
I tried WOOF organisation but only one farm is within limits , rest are in Dakshina Karnataka.

Hai Duffy,

I have my farm around 120 kms from Bangalore. I am into horticulture using Mr.Subhash Palekarji’s Model of farming. I have put a little vegetable also. If your are interested you can call me and visit the farm. My contact No.9032946963

See some farms our forum members visited in below link. … /#msg10916

I have my farm near gauribidanur anout 80kms from bangalore.


Where exactly at Gauribidanur. Are you into Organic Farming.

Sure, thanks for invite  :slight_smile: will come to your farm in next month… Visited Subramani farm yesterday in Yelhanka.
Next week, I am heading to one more organic farm in Hesaragatta.

Hai Duffy,

Please give me a call in advance.

Checkout this also

It is a organic farm which is commercially functional. He is an advocate by prefession and also pioneer in organic outlets in Bangalore. He had set up organic outlet in Dollars colony in Bangalore in ealry 90’s.

My farm is about 7 kms before gauribidanur, in machenahalli limits. Yeah am more into subash palaker method, use only desi cow’s output in my farm.


Is it Pura or Biselahalli can you send me your contact details and what you are growing. I would like to visit your farm once.

No its close to alipura and hosur. Its almost midway between alipur & hosur [or kotaldinne].

Please email me. I grow yelakki bananas with marigold flowers as intercrop [avoids many pests, nematods too, never used medicine for these plants]. Currently thinking of some vegetables for left over 1 acre…

Please send me your personal mail id with the village name and your contact number.


I thought Manchenahalli and that is why i asked wheather you where from Pura or Bislahalli. So you are from Machenahalli or  Kachmachenahalli.

Hi Duffy,

Can you pl. let me know the exact location, ph # if any, what he grows etc?


The farm is near to new Ayurveda hospital in Yelhanka. exactly behind CRPF campus.
PMed the ph # :slight_smile:

Hi Duffy,

Thanks for the reply…I don’t think I received the msg. Can you pl. resend it? And are you in the farm tomorrow by any chance?



Can  i have address and phone number of the farm owner pls??

  1. Krishnappa Bannur  9889587545

  2. Shankarappa  Ammankatte, Gubbi 9964646491

  3. Malegowda9980687531

  4. Siddappa, Hosakote Mysuru 9980892536

  5. Kailash Murthy  Kollegala 7204478773

6.mahesh, Ammankatte  8095566305

7.narayanareddy Doddaballapur Taluk 9620588974

8.Prasanna Murthy tumakur 9243138136

9.Ramesh Raju, Pandavapura, 9986323317

  1. srikanth 9845068860

  2. Vinayak Malavalli 9972314007

  3. Ramanna, Satanooru Betta, Mandya 9945644109

  4. SwamynAnand mysooru 9448472748

If you want more please do contact me.

There is a team called “organic mandya”. They team up with many organic farmers in Mandya. Google them for more info.

Dear Forum Farmer Friends,

One farmer and turned Nursery owner, shri Shivanapura Ramesh, is an organic certified farmer and one of the first couple of Organic farmers of Karnataka.his contact number is 08970779999.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer.