Organic Farm Training

Hello Everyone,

I am from Mumbai and interesting in farming .  My Grandfather was farmer and every summer I used to spend in my native place. After doing research and coming to this site I realized it is possible to be a farmer. :sunglasses:
I have joined the Urban leaves here but I feel I need something more intensive
I am looking for some short training in basics of organic farming  say 6months to 1year before plunging into it fully ( I can take a sabbatical If I want) . Academically I am from commerce background so last time I learned about plants was in school  :frowning:

Since you already part of Urban Leaves, did you talk to Mr. Deepak Suchede who gives hands on free training in his Model Farm Based on Amrut Mitti. In fact they have various levels of training. I believe you can even get small portion of land from them where you can do your own farming for 3 to 6 months if you are interested. So, if you have not talked to him I highly recommend you to talk to him.

Also you should consider attending Mr. Palekar’s ZBNF workshops. Have you attended the workshop?


Another one to consider is Bhaskar Save’s Natural Farming Learning Centre. They give hands on training in their Kalapavruksh Farm.

Hi Pushparaj , Thanks a Ton for your advice.

I haven’t met Mr. Deepak Suchede yet but will get in touch with him soon.

I have a heard a lot of Mr. Palekar’s technique. I am planning to order his books and attend one of his workshop.

From my understanding you are looking for hands on experience so try

  1. Bhasakar Savejis Learning Center Training
  2. Deepak Suchedejis Training in his Model Farm

Palekarjis ZBNF books are great. You can see lot of similarities in his approach with Savejis approach (especially Platform and Trench Irrigation and Intercropping models). As you may know Saveji is a pioneer in Natural Farming so it is understandable that many of his ideas are adapted by others.

Mr Subash Sharma is another one that you may want to contact. You can see his videos in youtube.

You may also have to buy Mr Ashok Sanghavi’s book “The Way to Health, Wealth & Happiness” which explains Saveji’s way of Natural Farming.


Hai Suraj,

Hope you can attend this and gain some information on Organic Farming.

Zero Budget Natural Farming 7 days Shibir (2 to 8 April) by Subhash Palekar at Bholeshwar-Bardi, Rohanwadi, Dist: JALNA, Maharashtra. Fee: Rs.700/- for couple or individual (including food & accommodation). Contact mob: 9850853903, 9764702145

Hai Suraj,

You can get books at the below address
Mrs.Suchita Amol Palekar, 19 Jaya Colony, Near Telecom Colony, Sainagar Post Office, Amravathi-444607, Maharashtra. M.No:9423601004, 9881646930 ,  9405836410

Dear Sir,
I can give you training on organic farming on your farm.

Hi,  if any body knows about Palekarji’s next training program, pls inform the group.  or contact details of any one who can inform us about the training program.  Thanks.