Organic Fair : Lalbagh a report

Hi All,

This saturday (11 & 12 Feb) and sunday, there was an organic mela at Lalbagh Bangalore. As usual out of curiosity went to see the fair on Sunday,

I was totally disappointed. Now for sure, I have first hand info that this organic thing is just a hype to sell your products at exorbitant prices. Fukoka in his one straw revolutions clearly explains that under organic methods the products should be affordable or cheaper than the inorganic, quite contrary here it is a minimum 3 to 6 times the cost.

To my horror, I could see some clowns marketing Organic Milk :astonished: :astonished: and of course a host of Organic Vanity items including, Organic Agarbathis :astonished: :astonished:. This is sure way of taking people for a ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reliance mart has Thur dhal @ Rs 62 to 65 and here similar ones are packaged at Rs 140 / kg. Guys, I have no grouse but dont you think its day light robbery in the name of Organic ?? Can any one justify such hyped prices. Funny thing I could see is Organic Olive Oil. Now who has info on this oil coming from far east >:(

Regarding organic milk, out of curiosity and sarcastically I enquired what is organic in this milk ? The guys were perplexed by the question and said, their cows are fed organic grass so the milk is organic, But we all know, the hybrid cows are reared on special feed etc, When asked if their cows survive only on grass ?? Guys were blinking :astonished:, What about the feed, is it also organic ?? No answers. Dont you think this is farce ??

No wonder, these so called saviours of Organic are doing an yomen service to the inorganic produce, Its “Hara Kiri” One restaurant, claims serves only organic food. That’s value addition !!




Spending time on farmnest is helping you ;D. and making smart bunch of us people who can throw questions at some of these sellers. Yes i agree with you. Some of the prices of “organic” produce is not justified at all. Having said that, a lot of times I ask myself as how i would price my produce if I was an organic grower. Still haven’t found an answer.

Hi Murli,

Thats a very nice observation. I asked a couple of folks practicing organic farming on why their produce is very expensive. This is what they had to say. Thought the organic farming input is cheaper the output quantity is very limited compared to the non-organic hence they are priced at high rate… I dont know if this is justifiable… leaving it to you to decide :slight_smile:



Its crap, they dont know the answer. If the output is less, so is your cost as you are not adding any urea or other stuff. So it just cancels out. Unless, for the whole of an Acre they have planted only 10 beans or beetroot and get only 100 Gms / Acre, but taste wise, exotic, nothing to match on this earth. You get an heavenly feeling on eating this, once in a life time feeling, a total bliss something akin to what Buddha got under that pupil tree !!! then I agree, their prices. I will be the first in the Q to buy it… :astonished: :astonished:

What if after buying it at astronomical prices, your wife while cooking S****s it by adding a pinch of salt extra or something and spoils the taste, Then god should save you. ;D ;D There ends your organic hunt.



Actually it is the traders and middlemen who are jacking up the prices of organic farm produce. If the farmers had come to Bangalore to sell their produce they would not have charged so much.

If the produce is coming from a far distance then the costs of transport have to be factored in plus the cost of toll taxes. state taxes etc.-----makes the stuff more expensive. But if produce that is being grown within a 100 km. radius is priced so ridiculously, then I can only say that either:

i)start living in a house with a garden and develop your own kitchen garden in the city ; if this is not possible then
ii) buy a small farm close by-- one acre or even half an acre is sufficient, so that you can have your own fresh veggies and perhaps even fresh milk.

Just depending upon others to do all the growing leads to huge dissatisfaction and just eating all the chemical laden stuff ruins your health in the long run. So guys, be savvy and get your hands in the dirt. Good health is something which is worth more than millions. I know since I counsel cancer patients and these guys are ready to pay any amount of money to get well. If only they had grown their own veggies by investing a small amount of money earlier on, they would not have gotten this dreaded disease! Good luck with the home grown veggies. Keep smiling, life is sweet with all the goodness of self-grown fruits, veggies and herbs!


Not it was not the traders, most were here original organic producers. So since this was a mela, they all thought they can take advantage of the situation.

That is great idea to have an acre for your own vegges. But you see in India, buying land is a nightmare. Managing 1 to 2 acres with in 100 km from your residence, is also a big problem. So we have to be at the mercy of these guys.