Organic Bliss - converting to organic

Dear All,
Want to convert my 5.25acre(250 mango-10yrs+ old and other plants) farm to 100% organic farming.
Have absolutely no knowledge about horti/agri culture.
Any knowledgeble persons willing to guide and help me on my path to Organic Bliss.Will be very grateful for the guidance and assistance.

Rafiq Yusuf.

Dear  rajimpex,

The path to organic farming may not always be blissful.  However the end result could be. You can get started and be inspired by reading the Principles of Organic Farming and the One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.
All the best.
Ouseph Karuveli.

Dear Rafiq, it is good old practice ,not new invention. so need not worry. any old person of 60-70 years age knows organic farming.
donot not use chemicals. thats all. use only cowdung ,farm waste leaf & others, kitchen waste, cultivate greenmanure crop in the middle of trees.and plough to incorporate into soil twice in a year. for control of insects and diseases ,use seethaphal seed extract, neem cake extract,garlic extract etc., and spray on plants. or purchase neem based spray liquid from can brouse the web to get more information on organic farming