Organic Banana

Dear Forum farmer friends, If any one wants to see a banana farm with 40 to 50 kgs bunches in 10 months old G9 banana plantation farm which is grown 100% ORGANIC, that to one time organic inputs feeding. The prices of good G9 banana bunches ranges from rs 10/- to 20/- per kg. Then each bunch gets 400/- to 500/- at low price and rs 800/- to 1,000/- at high price. Normally G9 banana plants can be 1,200 to more. Then per acre the farmer can get around rs 4,80,000/- to rs 6,00,000/- at low price and  rs 9,60,000/- to rs 12,00,000/- at high price. Any of our forum members wants to witness the plantation, you can send me a pm, so i can arrange. The forum administrator and or Moderator also are requested to make a visit, in this month,I can even arrange a meeting also with the expert organic farmer,ofcourse they know the farmer also. It is not a challenge to any one it is only an information for motivating our forum farmer community.  g.p.rao, farmer


The rates of G9 Rs.10 to Rs 20 is in retail or whole sale prices.

As per my knowledge max wholesale price at farms is Rs. 10.00

Dear sri Krishna Prasad sir, in and around bengaluru,Safal, Hopcams and so many other, stores like,Reliance Metro etc and so many exporters like Khimaye, Kei etc are purchasing from farmers directly with some conditions, by paying reasonable that days price, which generally will be rs 9 to 14s. But they accept good quality fruits only.even,There are sveral days/weeks where the market price for good G9 banana will be around rs 20/- and above.On average, the good quality G9 banana will get around rs 10/- to 15/-,if good colour, good size,spot less and uniform.There are farmers who take lot of interest in producing good quality bananas. Recently, to get good uniform golden colour after ripening, farmers are using transparent poly film covering also, and great part is such fruits are sold @ rs 6/to 7/-- per one fruit. Even the companies like INI farms,maharashtra, Kei kerala are paying more money to the G9 banana farmers, subject to their strict farming instructions.      Generally we ,farmers grow G9 banana without much quality awareness and we get rs 6 to 14 per kg depending upon the season for general public consumption., and 10% is deducted. If G9 banana is planted during June july months ,farmers can get atleast rs 10/ to14/ per kg.  I only mention to the farmer friends,that we should practice of cutting the 8 to 11 bunches( hands ) seperately, wash,wipe and market by packing in card board boxes  g.p.rao, farmer.

Dear farmer friends, in banana cultivation,iihr ,hassargatta,bengaluru has successfully proved a overall extra weight, 22%, of banana bunch, by doing the bottom mentioned method,as they iihr,stated. after the farmation of the total bunch 8 to 12 fingers (possible ) cut the male flowers and attach a solution (7.5 gms of urea + 7.5 gms of SOP to be dissolved in 100 ml of water mixed with 500 gms fresh cowdung slurry . Pour this in a waste used milk pouch ,and tie this to the bunch end.Robusta ,G9 and poovan varieties are well reciprocating and giving 22 % increse in bunch weight. This is only brought to your knowledge.  g.p.rao,farmer

In April lot of Banana started flooding Bangalore market because of high temperature summer bunches started ripening in the tree itself.  Same time Mango crop entered market. So Elakki wholesale became 20/kg and G9 became 6-8/Kg. I think it slightly increased this week.

What are manure they give? Any Idea?

Dear Sri2012 sir, He gives per plant @ 2 baskets of good sheep mannure,along with 2 kgs of oiled neem cake, 2 kgs of vermicompost,1/2 kg of rock phospate, 250 gms of jetropha cake,250 gms of castor cake, in addition he gives 30 gms of trichoderma viride, 30 gms of pseudomonos,30 gms of pseudomonos, 30 gms of paecilomyces. He dig the pit when the soil is very much shubby 

(Padunu in telugu ),of size 2 ftx 2ftx 2 ft. Mix all along with the dug soil, fill back  watering daily and keep it for 10 days and then planting  the tissue banana plant. The distance he maintained is 6 ftx6ft. sir, If your time permits pl visit his farm  g.p.rao, farmer

IIHR,Bangalore has developed IIHR Banana Special (Foliar Micronutrient Spray Formulation) which is now available at CENDECT KVK, Theni.
How to use: 1. Mix 50 g of banana special + one shampoo sachet + juice of 1 lemon fruit in 10 liters of water and mix thoroughly before spraying. 2. Start spraying on plants from 5th month onwards and once in 30 days and continue up to 10th month stage. 3. Spraying on business on 30 and 60 days after emergence will increase bunch size. Advantage of foliar spray: Fast correction of deficiency, Less fertilizer consumption, Early crop, Big bunch with good colour Composition: Zinc: 3.0%, Boron: 1.5%, Manganese: 1.0%, Iron: 1.5% Cost:Rs.150/Kg Technology Developed by Agricultural Technology Information Centre Indian Institute of Horticultural Research Hessarghatta Lake Post, Bangalore

Dear sri hiren bose sir,  pl clarify item 3, spraying on business on 30 and 60 days after emergence will increse bunch size.

iihr is working and enlightening the results nicely, nowadays.    farmer, g.p.rao

business=bunches  (may be he used a spell checker and software corrected it as business)

ARKA Banana Special is not a organic product at all. It has GA3(Gibberllic Acid) which will act as a growth promoter.

Dear Sri 2012 sir,  yes. I agree with you fully. It is a hormone, and not an organic input, and not allowed by organic certfying agencies  and Not good for normal life also.  g.p.rao, farmer

Hello GP Rao garu,

Where is this farm located ?