Opinions on challenges in agriculture today and in the future

Hi Everyone.

We are a multidisciplinary group of master students from Norway and Spain that are collaborating with CERN in Switzerland to improve the issue of food security for people around the world. We and CERN believe cutting edge technology developed at CERN and our home universities can be applied in ways that are very beneficial to many.

We are currently in the stage of mapping where the issues regarding food security are biggest and where there is most potential for improvement.

We would greatly appreciate if you would give us your opinion on where you have the biggest challenges:

  1. As a  (farmer - distributor - consumer) of the 21st century, what is your biggest challenge (regarding food)?

  2. What do you thing will be your biggest challenge in the future?

  3. What about waste? Some measure of waste - How do you try to reduce the loss?

  4. How would you solve the issue of food security in the world?

Again, thank you for your opinions. More opinions will greatly increase the chances of our solution becoming universal and beneficial to many.

CERN Challenge Based Innovation.