Open pollination vegetable seeds for natural or cowbased farming


By any chance , is any one doing vegetable Farming using Open pollination variety seeds.

And whats your recommendation about produce quality and quantity for farmer to sustain in the market?

I am looking for Open pollination seeds for regular vegetables .

Please share your recommendations to source the seeds. I am located near to hyderabad.

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Even though I have not used the below site extensively, you can try getting your seeds from there.  The URL is

Check Parameswaran who provides open pollinated seeds at a reasonable rates.  I don’t vouch for anything but only recommend based on hear-say.

If you want to go for quantity, hybrid are the best options.  If you want to grow quality, open pollinated or heirloom variety is the best option as you don’t have to source seeds again as these can be used as the base seeds for your next sowings.

Open pollinated does well with organic methods and the quality of crop fetches good rates in the market compared to hybrid with chemical based farming.

Thanks Prabhakaran, but i am not successfull in getting intouch with Mr.parameswaran.

Now that I am not finding a good source for open pollinated seeds. I am thinking of going hybrid route. If i have to use hybrid please advice if IIHR seeds are more reliable than that are available in Market.

Especially for Arka rakshak for tomato , okra , brinjal , capsicum , musk melon, water melon , Onion, ridge gourd, bitter gourd , bottle gourd , ameranthus and chilli.

I am trying to plant on a new farm in summer time where soil ph is 6.4 to 7.3 in different plots and Water EC is 1.01 and 1.10( i know higher ec is not good … but thats what i have for now.)

my drip will be in place by the time my nursery is up.

Hello , 
Anybody knows abt onion cultivation under drip irrigation??? If so pls help me out…

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      if you are based in bangalore, please contact sahaja samrudha / anna dana foundation / green foundation for seeds.