Open Field Rose Cultivation


Please suggest me which variety of rose is good grow in open field, am very new to agriculture. am basically a software engineer.
suggestions advice’s are welcome.
Please do the needful.

Am planning in 1.5 acre near hosur bangalore.


Dear Sri Ravi,

Hosur is one of the best place for rose farming and also the best place to get good marketing access to both Bengaluru and Chennai. Mostly Rose farming, It is advisable for those farmers, who can spend their full time in the land.

Here, in Rose farming ,If you can  spend your full time in the land, go for cultivation of Spray Roses and/or Dutch Hybrid Tee Roses. In spray Roses, one of the best old variety is MIRABEL, which gives good considerable yield, with lesser prices.  In New Varieties , ZADIQUE is good and it gives good and considerable yields, with good market price. In Dutch Hybrid Tee roses, go as per market study.

If you can not spend your time or if a proper care taker is not available, the Rose farming may not be good. This is my opinion as a farmer. Think twice, before entering in Rose farming.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,      farmer

Thank you very much  g.p.rao for detailed info.

Please let know which one will be best as per market Spray Roses or Dutch Hybrid Tee Roses ?
Looking forward for your reply.

Also let me know here can i purchase good quality rose plants.


Dear Sri Ravi ,

For small extent of farming like 1 or 2 acres, spray roses farming is better to grow sir.
If you want some old, existing varieties, near hosur, there are so many nurseries sir. So many nurseries in Hosur-Roykotai , road sir.

Please enquire in any fertiliser shops and/or Horticulture office in Hosur, sir.

Dear sir, If you want New and latest market introduced varieties, pl contact Sri Bhaskara Reddy of Kanegowdaranalli village, near Nelamangala.

with best wishes sir,    g.p.rao,      farmer

Sir Thank you very much for your detailed info.