Ongoing rains in & around Hyderabad - Sep'16

Dear All,

Though the City (Hyderabad) is suffering with current rains & the floods, I’m hoping that many farmers surrounding Hyderabad are enjoying these rains as in many places the ground water levels seem to have increased. What do you all say? Please share your feelings.

Also, please suggest suitable crops to go for now using these rains.


The rains have been on the excessive side in our area and I think that holds true for all of TS/AP. We are having to spend a good deal of effort to drain the plots and minimize water logging. That said, I think we have grown to appreciate any amount of rain, having gone through a few droughts over the last few years.

With the Rabi/winter over the corner, it is time to plan for all the regular winter crops and be ready to start off once the rains recede.

Thank you Sir,

Yes it is GOOD sign for getting Recharge of Bore-wells as as open wells which is a supporting Factor in over coming the severe Drought conditions prevailed in both the States sins 5-6 Years. As our Honorable Telangana said there will not be any Problem for coming 3-4 Years for Water. Hence Brothers be prepared for the coming Rabi Season crops as our Brther Chandra Said.

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Another year, same time.
Looks like we will have good rains this time?