Odd shaped tree trunk of a coconut tree

One of the coconut trees in my farm has a strange shaped tree trunk. It has been like this before I bought the farm…and the earlier owner mentioned that the young tree would have been tied with a string and the string would not have been removed during its growth phase.

The trunk is bulb shaped about three feet up from the ground. The tree itself is healthy, with fresh fronds growing a regular intervals and an reasonable yield of fruits…two to three bunches of about 20-30 coconuts yield at any given point of time. The fruits are fairly large and have good meat and water.

I am specifically concerned about the strength of the trunk…if it will be able to hold u the rest of the tree, given its weak looking bulbous trunk.

I request members to share any insights to the risks of having the trunk in this shape and if there is a remedy, which can assist the tree to repair the trunk using any fertilizers that can be applied on the area of this tree trunk. I have been told that there are organic mixes which can be applied around the base of the bulbous growth and in time the tree will grow tissue around it, though I am not able to find any specific details on the mixture

I have attached a couple of photos for reference.

Thanks in advance.

There could be another reason also.trees were malnutritioned or not watered for a year or two due to drought and later fed with ample manure and water.

Yes. these could be causalities if there is a strong wind.

I have not heard anything like developing tissues, I have similar cases in my farm with areca nut. I am keeping it as long as they survive.