ODC 3 Moringa seeds - certified seeds guarantee higher productivity

ODC 3 - Drumstick - Certified standard Seeds for high productivity of pods
What is the minimum seed certification standard for drumstick ( Moringa oleifera ) seed production ?
Physical Purity of seeds -100%
Genetic purity ( true to type ) - 99%
Minimum germination - 70%
Seed production field be isolated 1000 M for breeder seeds and 500 M for certified seeds .9 months after sowing , mature seeds develop.Only those seeds at proximal and middle part of pods ,looking black and brown , show high germination and strong vigor index and in one acre max 100 kgs of quality moringa seeds are produced . Seeds produced with strict certification process only can guarantee higher pods/ fruit yield with earliness of flowering in about 4-5 months after sowing . 50 - 75 kgs of pods per tree in conventional pure crop cultivation to 25 - 40 kgs per tree in mixed crop / intercrop cultivation with 300-600 pods in a tree each weighing around 150 grams in an average is possible only by sowing quality ODC 3 Moringa seeds . Inspite of 100s of varieties exist within the species of moringa oleifera , ODC 3 is the crown jewel and queen of drumstick in the entire world.
Courtesy : Chaithanya Gandhi M/s sheti Udyog ,Farmer Producer company ,Karmala Tehsil , Solapur ,Maharastra ,75886 10001 ,8275156393