Obituary: Sri Baskar Save, Gandhi of Natural Farming

Farmnest expresses deepest condolences to Sri. Bhaskar Save, Gandhi of Natural Farming.

He passed away this morning. He was 93 and active till this day. Please check below links and videos

Thank you Sri for informing us.

Condolences and lots of respect for Bhaskar ji.

I watched the video “Farming - The Gandhian way …” multiple times before, love the way he conveyed the message of “keeping it simple and not complicating things” (see his reference to birds).


May his soul rest in peace. A great contributor to the Indian farming scenario. It is he who inspired me to go for trenches in our coconut farm.
Hope the legacy will be continued by his family members.


my deepest condolence to his family. may rest his soul in peace. hope his will help us in natural farming.

My deepest condolences to Shri Save ji’s family and loved ones.
I had the good fortune to meet him at his farm and learn from him a few years back before i had purchased the land for my farm. His teachings had a profound effect on me and the gave me the confidence to go ahead with my dream of having my own farm and growing food that is healthy and chemical free.
He will always be my Guru and i will cherish his teachings and try to follow them to the best of my abilities and pass them onto the next generation.

This is a very sad news. He was a self taught Natural Farmer. He learnt it the hard way after adopting Chemical farming and then abandoning it after seeing the ill effects. He has shown us all the way to grow Toxin Free food which is very essential for good health.

I visited Umargaon in Dec 2005 and had the good fortune of seeing both Sanghi Farm as well as Kalpavruksha. Sanghi Farm in Vrundavan area of Umargaon was developed by Shri.Bhaskar Saveji on 20 odd acres of land which hardly had 6 inch of top soil on a bed of sheet rock. Agriculture University Experts gave a budget estimate of Rs.60,00,000/- for developing this land without any assurance of any returns on this investment. However, with only Rs.60,000/, Shri.Saveji turned this very same land in to a PARADISE in a short time where Coconuts,Chickoos,Mangoes, Lichees and many other fruits grew in abundance.I had planned a visit in September 2010 and spoke to Shri Ashok Sanghvi and learnt that he has sold the farm & would not say anything about it being available for visitors.It is indeed very sad that the PARADISE has fallen to Urbanisation.

Masanubo Fukuoka, world acclaimed NATURAL FARMER wrote in the visitors book “Shri.Bhaskar Saveji is India’s second Gandhiji”. The natural methods of Shri Saveji & ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING as taught by Guruji Shri.Subhash Palekar will alone help & save Indian farmers from committing suicide & help us all to get TOXIC FREE FOOD.