Obituary - Dr. G. Nammalwar

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I also Know about the Works about Dr.Nammalwar, A great Legend in Agricuture. Instead of giving scope for Discussins about this article, we are requesting you to post the useful Tips/Works of Dr.Nammalwar for the Benefit of our Forum Members. There is no wrong in Bringing out the works of Great works of Legends though their works were not Posted in our Foorum. Now our Brother Mr.Sundarsmnm  Sir will bring out the useful works of Dr.Nammalwar in seriatum.

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R.I.P Dr Nammalwar

Mr. sundarsmnm  sir kindly don’t take such a Decision. Our moderator is taking bold steps in inculcating the in Sharing IDEAS of Educated Youth who are  a Great Boon to the Nation in Building up a GOOD Atmosphere in Improving the Farm productivity keeping in mind  of the future challenges in Farm Products…We should appreciate the Efforts of our Moderator Mr. Chandra. Kinly take back your Decision and do make postings for us as well as to our Farming Community. I am in hope that you will change your Decision and serve for us as well to serve for the Nation through this FORUM.

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