Nutrient Analysis on Cow Manure

I would like to analyse the nutrients in Cow Manure (Nutrients like  N, P, K, Ca, Mg, B, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Na, Chloride, Sulphate, Total Carbon or Organic Carbon, Organic Matter and C:N ratio etc).

  1. How do I analyse cow Manure?
  2. What equipment I need to buy?
  3. Is their any difference between Desi cow and Jersi cow Manure? if so what are they?


Hello Kisan Brothers,

We all know how Guruji Padmashri Subhash Palekar insists on using Cow Dung & Urine of our Desi Cows. Pasumai Vikatan,
a Tamil Fortnightly magazine introduced ZBNF to Tamil Nadu. Farmers kept wondering how the Dung & Urine of our Desi Cows
could be more potent than that of the Cross Bred varieties. Pasumai Vikatan requested Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail, eminent Soil
Scientist to do a comparative study of the Dung of Indian Cows & the Cross Bred Cows. The results published in the magazine
clearly established in a scientific way the superior qualities of the Desi Cow’s Dung.

KS Raj

Thank you brother. By any chance you remember the issue month and year?


I do have several years copies of Pasumai Vikatan. I regret that I may not have the time to dig into these old issues to help you.
You may write to Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail, New College, Royapettai, Chennai & may be replied by mail. Please try it out.