Novel Solution for Agriculture in Organic Way

Marshall Marine Products is an Indian Marine Biotechnology Company, focused on Chitin and its Derivatives. We pioneered in the development of Chitin Science, working relentlessly on improving the production technologies, and exploring new opportunities for developing new and innovative applications, by exploiting the unique properties of Chitin and its Derivatives.

We coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with Industrial, and Scientific Research & Development and with Academic Communities worldwide, to develop cutting edge products and solutions using Chitosan, providing the global community a safer, bio-degradable, and non-toxic alternative.

Chitosan has been shown to be a versatile non-toxic material with a dual effect. It controls pathogenic microorganisms and activates several defense responses, inducing and/or inhibiting different biochemical activities during the plant-pathogen interaction.

To-date, there is enough evidence indicating after Chitosan application, plants can acquire enhanced tolerance to a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms, indicating that the use of natural elicitors such as, Chitosan might assist in the goal of sustainable agriculture.

We have qualified team, with expertise to develop and deliver any specific requirements in Chitin & its Derivatives. We have devoted our resources in developing the best technology and human resources, thus creating a leadership position in Chitin and Chitosan Industry globally.

Our products are also used in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, etc. Our products are inherited from vigorous quality checks to ensure the best Chitin, Chitosan, and Glucosamine products and are supplied to our customers.

We have emerged as a trusted partner and valuable supplier of Chitin and its derivatives by our clients, worldwide.

For furthermore detailed use of our products, kindly refer our site, which contains ample information.