Nitrogen kit for transporting semen straw

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I have 3 indigenous cows (One Gir and two Hallikar). I am looking for Gir semen for all the three.

Anyone living near Hiriyur / Tumkur / Chitradurga / Sira in Karnataka has got nitrogen kit to store/transport semen and is willing to lend the nitrogen kit for couple of days? Also please share the information if anyone has pure Gir breed semen in the above mentioned areas.

Contrary to a small nitrogen kit which costs approx. 13,000 Rs, is there any other way to carry semen straw which can preserve semen for 3 to 6 hours atleast (Say a thermos flask filled with ice cubes etc)?

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Yes, a good quality thermos flask with ice should work well for 5-6 hrs in outdoor travel conditions. I have been using thermal cooking (look it up) at home so have a little experience with insulating items. I would suggest a three step process:

  1. Freeze the semen straw in household fridge for at least 5-6 hrs inside a small plastic receptacle. Freeze lots of ice alongside it in the fridge - to be used in next step.

  2. Crush / grind / grate the ice to almost powder form. Mix generous amounts of cheap raw salt in it by handfuls.
    Fill some of ice-salt mixture in the flask and pack it tightly around the receptacle in which you carry semen straw. Use a screwdriver to really pack it in and again ensure that there’s no empty space in the flask. Close lid tightly.

  3. Finally, put this flask in a larger thermocol box and then pack the remaining (lot more) ice-salt in this box around the flask, filling the box completely. Close the lid tightly. Wrap the box with multiple layers of fabric (like a woollen shawl) and tie it.

This should keep the receptacle frozen for up to 8-10 hours even in full sun. But you can assume 5-6 hrs to be on safe side. Ice-cream vendors use a similar method to preserve ice in their carts.

Great technique. Thanks a ton!

The temperatures achieved by normal ice even with salt is not close to that achieved by liquid nitrogen. Please confirm with the centre from where you are taking the straws otherwise it will be an exercise in futility.

That should not be a problem. In earlier days* bovine semen was transported at low temperatures while here you are freezing it. Still, it’s a good idea to consult the experts.

A straw once thawed has to be used immediately. As it is the the rates of succes are not very high so it will fall further if the temp chain is not maintained. If you are going to all the trouble of getting straws you might as well do it right.
Had researched the topic in relation to dogs some time back so just my two cents!

Semen is stored at -196Fahrenheit thats wht liquid nitrogen is used,by keeping semen straws in flask of ice you can extend its life by 1-2 hrs then health n life of sperms srart decreasing{remember sperms also need to spend some time in cows genital tract(their natural habitatt!!!)  } better to use nitrogen cryocans