NGO In Thane " Bringing Farmers & Mahila Bachat Gat Members Together"

Hello Everyone

We have started an  NGO in thane city named “Siddhant”. The primary objective of this NGO is to empower women at the grassroot level in Thane district.

One of our main concerns is the rising prices of vegetables which are becoming too costly for many lower and middle class families. Our proposition to farmers is to contact us directly and we will sell the vegetables at subsidized rates in thane city using the Mahila Bachat Gats (Women’s Self Help Groups). The promoters of this NGO are veterans in social welfare programs as well as in public service.

The Mahila Bachat Gats (for those who don’t know) are a group of women who form a savings group by opening an account in a bank.

All the same we are very keen to tie up with farmers in Nashik, Ahmednagar & Pune districts. If you are a farmer or if you know of any farmer willing to work with us then please support this project. We believe in total transparency, involvement of farmers in the marketing process, need to serve the majority of citizens in Thane and to set the right agricultural marketing Principles in place. “Siddhant”.

Please contact
Gaurav Mehta
8828173283 // 022 32225210

:slight_smile: Nice to here Sidhant Activities, I am from Thane, and would like to join the group. let me know the rules and regulation for its member and its how it work.

thanking you,


Dear Mr.,
It is  very nice thinking. go ahead, from our side we can give you technical support when farmers community need free of cost.
Thank you
D.s.sureshkumar,MSc (Ag.biotech),PGDBM,PhD Scholar(Biotech)

Dear Sirs,
This is an excellent good step- would like to involve in also helping them raise the outputs of vegetables WITHOUT afertilisers so that the future generations can be healthy.
Please let us have the address etc to meet them and give the steps required for healthy growth of farm produce etc.
Ph:9833432044 :slight_smile: