News on incidents occured in ZBNF conference in Tirupathi,AP,

Dear Forum Farmer Friends,

There is a conference running from a couple of days in Tirupathi, A.P, in Rama Naidu Kalyana Mantapam, Tirupathi,A.P, for agri Students, Agri Professors and Farmers . This is being conducted by State Govt of A.P and Agri universities of A.P, on ZBNF, on huge scale.

As per the news stated in a leading Telugu News Paper " Eenadu " dtd 14.09.2016, in page
number -9, writing, about this unfortunate incident , which took place, on 13.09.2016 at 11 am. It seems , sri Palekar stated that Agriculture is not at all a science and Pointed the Agriculture Professors that they don’t know any thing about agriculture, and Agri Professors are not doing any thing to Agriculture , in the meeting , in front of thousands of farmers,on the stage. It seems these dialouges were repeated more times, from the stage, when there was a huge gathering.

Immediately After this incidence, all the Agri professors and all the Agri students , boycotted the conference, unanimously  and all came out of the hall, with big shoutings and grievances, went and reported the matter to the Special Principle secretary of Dept of Agriculture, Sri Vijaykumar, Andhra Pradesh. They had a discussion for two hours and finally the Pr secretary convenced all of them and they once again attended the conference.

As per the paper news, again conference afternoon session started and again Sri Subhash Palekar challenged , number of times, with the Agri Professors and commented that they don’t know anything, from the stage, infront of all. Immediately all the agri professors and students started arguing with Sri Subhash Palekar and gave  counters to him. Finally conference was stopped and all the Agri professors and students, along with the farmers, all went away.

With the above incidence, all the Agri Professors and Agri students, are about to give a written complaint to Govt of Andhra Pradesh, against Sri Subash Palekar.

Further it is written that similar incidence took place in last Kakinada, A.P, ZBNF Conference also.

Here I want to inform, with my little knowledge that Agriculture is on the earth since Ancient man days. It is gift of God. Since then so many persons, 1001 to say, have developped diffarent systems in agriculture. Some are followed and some are rejected. Some are good ,some are partially good, some are bad etc…etc. We can encourage good systems of any one and will not follow bad or not practicable.

Some systems are good for certain cadre farmers and some are not good/Practicable for some cadre farmers. No system is to be followed by all and none can say that, other systems are not to be followed.

World is so big and till now no one has brought any thing in to the earth but only bringing in to lime light , the ones which are existing.

This I brought to the notice of our forum for the facts to be known and for exchange of views. I want to know our friends views also on this.

This is not to comment on any one nor to hurt any one.

with best wishes ,        g.p.rao,      farmer

G.P.Rao Sir

Totally agree with your view point. There is no one shot solution for all problems & there can never be one. Agricultural practice selection by farmer depends on several parameters like available resources, expected returns, economic condition etc. All these practices have pros-cons. Many times combination of these practices help farmer to achieve best out of it. Ex:- striking balance between farming with chemicals & Organic farming to ensure least impact on human health & good quality product. This just an example. I am beginner in farming, so have nothing much to say.

I see it is similar to people opting Homeopathy/Ayurveda/Alopathy practices based on needs (side effects, immediate relief, immunity etc.). Some people  are good with just one practice & some might choose multiple practices based on decease.

Best Regards

Agree with Sri [member=2048]g.p.rao[/member] and [member=13122]saimn2000[/member]

Each system has its plusses and minuses. Regardless of which theory one believes in, I think one should be inclusive to appreciate there are other ideas that work for some others.

Dear Sri  Dr Chandra,

Thank you sir once again for your valuable comments on this subject matter. As you said, one should appreciate others knowledge and his statements, if they are good and practicable. If not , at least to inform that inventor/practitioner, in  a gentle way saying that said system is having so and so disadvantages if put to use, and/or badness that effects the crop due to so and so reasons. Like how you felt,  I felt that on the stage, in front of the so many gathered farmers , telling that Agriculture is not at all a science and a base less, may not be a good behavior for any one, that too in front of Agriculture Authorities. The above incidence might have hurt the so called well learned Agriculture experts.

Dr Swaminathan, Dr Vasireddy Narayana Rao, and so many other Agriculture qualified Authorities, are well appreciated by the world Agriculture Scientists, and took them as guides/Authorities/Roll Models of World Agriculture. There are so many Natural/Organic/ZBNF/One straw revolution  practitioners inthe world, including Subhash Palekar, Bhave sir, Masanobu fukuoka etc who gave valuable systems to the Farming community, of course some are very good, some are not up to mark and some are not practicable.

Generally systems may be good and stated with a good intention, but all are not suitable to all , each and every farmer. 

We should never for get the systems and works/releases by Agriculture universities of India. Agriculture is a Great Science.  We have to accept it. Our Bsc Ag/Horti students are well accepted by all most the agri universities of USA, Uk, Australia, Europe etc countries for study in Ms Agriculture and PHD agriculture for Indian Msc agriculture students, by giving huge Scholorships and also citizenship of USA immediately, for successful Indian Agriculture students.

Our Agriculture Graduates are spread and successful with good careers, in all around the Globe.

This I think will be accepted by our Agriculture post Graduates , say Dr Chandra sir, Dr Ramu sir and so many others.

I once again state that no person, may be how great they are, should not criticise others and also the entire Agriculture system as useless. It is not good and not wise also.

I Opine that good and bads should be discussed in the forum openly. Blind opinion on somebody, that they are great with bias, may not be appreciated.

Dear Sri Sai sir, Thank you very much for your clear opinion and support for good feel.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,      farmer

Dear Sri2012 sir and Our Forum Moderator sir,

Thank you very much for your open thanks to me on my facts stated in our forum, on the unfortunate incidents happened in the ZBNF conference held in Tirupathi from 11.9.2016 to 14.9.2016.

A ZBNF conference of Sri Subash Palekar, was arranged by Agriculture univerities of Andhrapradesh. At around 11 pm, from the stage Sri Subash Palekar, an Agriculture graduate, While addressing from the stage, said that the Agriculture is not a science at all, and the Agriculture Professors are not knowing any thing about Agriculture and not doing any thing for the Agriculture developments.

It is very unfortunate and a person like Sri subash Palekar commenting the qualified, well learned respectable Agri Professors in such a way on the satge infront of such good gathering. I felt very bad and brought to the notice of our forum, in which so many of his followers are existing. Even I am also an user of his Jeevmrutha from so many years. But we should be in a position to say or comment for a bad as bad, though we are much like on his systems.

I once again appreciate you for your contributions to our only Forum, mainly for the farming community benefits and awareness. I am observing you nature, which is always without bias .
I also appreciate our Administarator, who is also an Agriculture Post Graduate and Authority, who took lot of pains, and taking lot of pains on establishment and running the Forum successfully, and also appreciated my information and opinion on bringing the facts. Great , both of you sirs.
I also give thanks to sri Sai, for expressing his feelings.

The unfortunate incidence appeared in the leading established news paper “EENADU”, on 14.9.2016. On 13.6.2016, and brought to your knowledge. From past so many years I am encouraging our farmers community to the extent, what i know.

Any how, I will be silent on these incidents. Goodness may not be in us , though having lot of knowledge personally, but it is respected , if they respect other qualified authorities  mainly.

Here I want to bring few things/Inventions what our Agriculture/Horticulture Professors did for our farming community. A best Variety of Tomato, which is tolerant to CV disease, BW disease and Early Blight disease, which is released first time in the world for open farming Tomato varieties. Also it is giving a proven yield of 20 kgs per plant, can have 4,500 plants per acre, and in total can give an yield of around 90,000 kilo Tomato per acre , in Ideal conditions. Hats off to our Agri/Horti Professors of India.

Arka Sahana, a hybrid Custard Aple variety is released fir time in India, which got 7 days keeping quality, with a size of 600 gms to 1200 gms attainable weight and with good sweetness. Thousands of Karnataka, AP, Gujarath, Tamilnadu, Telangana and Maharashtra farmers are started growing and getting good revenues.

All the leading dvelopped countries are growing crops in Green houses after only fumigating the soil/beds ( in soil culture ), where as in India our Agriculture Professors have invented and put to use of farming in green houses, without fumigation and only with strengthening the soil with bio organisms like T.Viride, P.monas, P.mysis etc. We should appreciate Agriculture professors for their contribution.

The Agriculture professors of Tamilnadu, TNAU, Periyakulam are doing research on Panchagavya and brought great fact on Panchagavya benefits.Thanks sir. Like this there are thousands of iInnovations, our Agriculture professors did.

It is unfortunate to comment them by an Agriculture graduate, with his limited knowledge, and i feel very pity on it. Any how it is not presented with any wrong feel or wrong intention.

thank you very much,      g.p.rao,        farmer

Based on agitation from the officials of department of agriculture, and AP agricultural university staff and students, Government of Andhra Pradesh has withdrawn the honorary doctorate planned to be awarded to Mr. Palekar tomorrow.

Without making judgements here, I wanted to share the update.

I wasn’t there in the workshop held in Tirupathi.  However I wonder:

who is responsible for making acres and acres of barren land which were once fertile
who is responsible for hundreds of farmers committing suicide
who is responsible for not valuing/improving traditional agriculture knowledge but almost abolishing from farmer’s minds
who is responsible for ever increasing need for water and fertilizer and decrease in yield YoY, depleting underground water table
who is responsible for diverting huge sums of public money towards subsidies which go to MNCs and so called agri businesses
who is responsible for inflation in food items inspite of introducing new/improved varieties of crop with high yield(?) and keeping quality(?)

and who is really showing responsibility and working towards guiding farmer community towards sustainable, profitable, healthy farming…I wonder who…

I like jackfruit, watermelons, guava
others may like different fruits.It doesnt mean that i should hate them because they dont like what i like
I am good doesnt mean others are bad
Padmashree Subhash palekar sir should have restricted himself, highlight his ZBNF
Humbleness defines greatness, humiliating others destroys it.

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[color=blue][b]Thank you Sirs,

The ZNB Farming is noyt invented by Sri Subash Palekar. This System was there in our Vedas.He himself is making changes in his lecturers . When he was Originally made a Conference  6 Yrs back in Pingali Venkata Rami Reddy Hall in Hyderabad stated that the Land should not be ploughed and weed should not be removed and it is acts as Mulching. I myself has Pointed and  could not clarify .  He is also re-iterated that Hybrid Verities of seed  should not be Used. Kindly think it off if Hybrid Varieties are not used in India, what will be the Position of Food Problem in India. Being an Agriculture Graduate he should not have made such Comments. Hybrid Verities are not Harmful, because Hybrid  verities genetic  characters are  not changed . The scientists are  making efforts in sapling the Low Yielding Verities with good characters  with  High yielding Verities for getting both the characters. But the Genome Verities are Dangerous . That Genome Verities adverse are
Attributed to the Hybrid Verities. He is always reiterating Desiseed.  Where is the Desi Seed Now almost all the seed from Paddy, Vegetables , Fruits, Even Fodder are also Hybride Verities. No doubt Sri Subash Palekar Sab has brought out the GOODNESS in Cow Dung and COW URIN  which was there in Vedas and Upanishads, Ascent Sastras. The Pitiable thing is that we all are misleading that Natural Farming / Cow base Organic Farming / Organic Farming are one and the Same. But I am bringing it to all our Forum Members that Natural Farming and Natural Farming and Organic Farming are Different. The Farmers following Cow based , Vermicompost Based Farmings are claiming as Natural  Farming in Gujarat,Maharashtra,Karnataka, Rajastan etc. Kindly make a note that in Natural Farming one will not make any Efforts the Plantations/Crops will provided Yield on their Own. But in Organic Farming ,In Organic Farming we  need to use Farm Yard Manure,Vermi Compost etc while in Cow based Jivamruth,Panchagavya etc As far as my several
visits and experiences it construed that , purely Natural Farming is Not Practicable and Organic mixed with Cow Based Organic Farming is Most suitable in all respects. If I am wrong in the above post, I will be happy Kindly provide me a  foolproof details to educte our Members Further.[/b][/color]

[color=green]for Vasudha Green Farms,[/color]
[color=blue]Hyderabad,Telangana State
9133498366 / 7416446789[/color]

I would say Subash Palekar is absolutely right its time to call the spade… a spade. These Agricultural Institutes have been setup with the very aim to promote chemical farming which will benefit US & NATO countries. So these countries accepting Indians from these very institutes are not surprising.

After all how can you justify these Agri Institutes teaching wrong methods even today as some kind of STANDARD. Like use of Vermiculture and the most funny part is they not only recommend purchase & sale of Jersey/HF cow dung and Urine when both of these are not recommended because of their inferior quality.

The problem is if they classify the Jersey/HF cow dung and urine as “useless” the cookie will crumble and this whole big bang theory of chemical farming and diary farming will be exposed.

As for Vermiculture it is common sense that having earth-boring earthworms who will till your land is thousands of times more beneficial than bearing the cost and labor of cultivating a completely different kind of worms in cement “bins” who will never dig/till your soil. Thus to till the soil you have to spend more cost and labor. Vermiculture is only important in snowing countries. Why would anybody in his senses toil to create something that naturally occurs in sunlight & rainfed soil?

Thank you Bhayya Budding-Farmer,

[font=comic sans ms][font=comic sans ms][b][color=green][font=comic sans ms] I have not denied the Method of Palekar. But need to Change the Methods according to the TIME WARRENTED. Is it possible, doing Farming without Tilling / Without Weeding. He should not have Criticized the Scientists and Officers. There there there to implement the Policies and Methods of  formulated by Govt.I have not  made any thing about Jersey Cows. Do you know in Desi Cow Urine and Dung Contains 1000s of Crores of Useful Bacteria embedded where it is not that Much in Jersey, Time and again re-iterating this Issue in our Forum. He has to make jis versions and Methods taking into consideration of the latest Trends. Any way kindly don’t divert the issue and accept the facts. Is possible to meet the needs of the People without Hybrid Seeds (NOT GENOME). Kindly realize Hybrid seed are are also Natural  without Changing the Genetic Characters. Hence we need to go with the Nature according to the needs of the TIME. We should realize that we cannot fulfill the needs of the People following the Anscent Methods.  Do you know the Maximum Yield of Paddy in the Year 1967 was 16 Bags per Acre and the Price per Bag of Paddy Superfine variety is Rs.24 to Rs.27. In the Year 1967 , the Yield of TN-1 (Taichung Native-1) was 40 Bags 20 Kgs. was recorded by the NSC (National Seeds Corporation). officials from Delhi. Can we survive with the Yield of 16 Bgs /Acre NOW. Hence we should go  according to the Time warranted following the Methods without Harming to the NATURE. Now Genome Technology is Harmful to the MANKIND as well as to the NATURE

Thank you Sirs, If my Posting Hurts anybody’s , I am not responsible. But all these are True and facts facts. We cannot go beyond facts and Truth. One cannot go beyond Truth.

for Vasudha Green Farms,,
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Bhayya Gunda,

We the farmers are only responsible for our Problems, because we are not having any Association/ Union for us while all the Professions are having Unions for Fighting their Rights / Problems

for Vasudha Green Farms, ,
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I wrote this email to palekar on 2nd april 2012 regarding his comments on fukuoka. His ego is getting the better of him. He also recently disagreed with the test results on jivamrut by one karnataka university saying that it works best between 9 and 12 days as against his three day period. He also once claimed that with one cow  one can farm 300 acres. I still have that news clipping.
----- my email to palekar follows -----
Respected Sir,
  First of all accept my Pranams to your feet.

  Yesterday i.e 1st April 2012, I attended your lecture on ZBNF at Maruthi Gardens,Hyderabad for 15 minutes when I came there to buy your books. During that time you made some comments on Japanese Natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. I am writing this mail to you sir for expressing my concerns over your comments.

  Let me first introduce myself. I am Yugandhar from Hyderabad and a software professional. I had developed interest in Natural farming in 2009 when I first read about Sri Kailash Murthy of Mysore in the Hindu who follows Fukuoka’s do-nothing farming. Later I searched on the internet and found about your ZBNF, permacultue, Bio-Dynamic farming etc etc but more importantly about Fukuoka’s farming. I with two other friends FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME contacted one Sri Rama Narsimhulu garu of Hyderabad who started practicing your ZBNF. We went to his farm. It was in the very initial stages. He was a very nice person and gave 2 of your books to us. He also gave us some video which was recorded when he conducted your camp. I was very happy to see your video and read your books and felt that here is one real son of Mother India. Later, we visited many many VERY SUCCESSFUL FUKUOKA DO-NOTHING farms throughout India. I have great respect for you and your ZBNF method since I felt that all the principles you preach are very much similar to Fukuoka’s method except the use of your specially prepared ‘Amritas’ and ‘Astras’.

But, yesterday the comments you made on Sri Fukuoka were neither expected from you and they are false. You said that Fukuoka says to ‘do-nothing’. That means just sow the seeds and go to harvest. Respected Sir, Do-Nothing does not mean to sow the seed, sleep and after few months go and collect the fruits. It means to DO-NOTHING AGAINST NATURE. Fukuoka himself says that there will be lot of work to do. I know that you met Fukuoka. You said that you discussed with him day and night and he finally agreed that Japanese do-nothing method does not work in India. Sir, please correct yourself. Fukuoka farming is popular worldwide and there are thousands (if not lakhs) of farmers who almost do-nothing. No body who practiced fukuoka’s methods have ever been in loss. I am witness to it. I have seen both ZBNF farms and Do-nothing farms. Both are close to nature. Actually, when I talk to people I ask them to start with Palekar’s ZBNF and move to Do-nothing farming. Your ZBNF is very crucial in bringing dead lands back to life quickly. But Do-nothing farming is most superior and closest to nature. It is not new or different from your teachings. You take the example of Forest in all your books and speeches and say that without anybody doing anything, the trees are giving lots of fruit. That means you yourself are teaching Do-nothing farming. How can you contradict yourself? You said that we MUST do some necessary things. Here you are trying to say that man and his egoistic knowledge are superior to nature and God!! Again a contradiction. You also said that after Fukuoka’s death, chemical farming is done on his farm. Sir, please do not propagate lies. As per my friends in Japan who visited Fukuoka’s farm very recently, they still follow do-nothing and partly organic farming, not chemical farming.

I am really sad about the way you brought up the topic of Masanobu Fukuoka and made derogatory comments in your training session. Sir, if great visionary people like you talk against other great visionaries, will it benefit Humanity? We need co-existence and co-operation of all methods of Sustainable agriculture. Not just ZBNF or Do-nothing or Permaculture. Why not use whatever is beneficial to nature? It is unfortunate that you actually brought up Fukuoka’s topic since many attendees of your workshop are farmers and do not actually know about Fukuoka. I think you added these comments since some one who is aware of do-nothing asked you about the difference between his and your methods. Sir, just imagine if all visionaries like you keep aside the ego and work together, you can all change the world.

Sir, I have seen many do-nothing farms in India and they are very very successful. Sir, please try to reserve your comments on someone who has turned the life’s of many people just by one book called ‘The One Straw Revolution’. Sir, If you need that book, please let me know. I will share it with you. Please read it many times before you comment on Fukuoka.

Sir, I know majority farmers want ‘practical’ solutions and not philosophical and natural farming truths like do-nothing. So, I suggest people that Palekar’s ZBNF is very useful for small farmer’s to save their land. But with your comments, my respect towards you has taken a hit sir.

Sir, we all know that humility is a great virtue of great people. Fukuoka has that. He never criticized any method. He even praised many Indian natural farms to be the best in the world. As we grow wise, our humility must grow.

Sir, if by misfortune your ZBNF and your workshops have taken a commercial turn, it would be unfortunate.

Sir, by the way you said in your recent Guntur workshop last year that you are experimenting on farming 300 acres with one cow. Is there any success in that direction?

If you have anything to say to me, you are most welcome. I am searching for affordable land in AP

I need your blessings sir.

Yugandhar S

[color=green][font=comic sans ms]Thank you Yougandhar Garu for Bringing out the Facts. Initially in your letter to Palekar you wrote that " Pranams to your feet." is he a deity to honor like that . He is a Pakka  commercial Man for selling his Books and charging money for the Training sessions. I pained a lot when Govt. of India made a honoring him with Padma Shri  award for nothing. Let him prove his practical experience except Lectures . He is mingled the Natural farming with Cow based ZNB Organic Farming.But Natural Farming is entirely different from ZNB Organic Farming He is criticizing almost all the  social workers don on Natural /Organic Farming in his lectures.  He can support his method by showing results and should not criticize others. After awarding he himself is a Great man on this subject. He will not allow anybody to ask questions  because not having Answers for some of his Methods.
Sorry if my comments hurts any body’s feelings,  for which I am not responsible, but all the above are facts.[/font][/color]

for Vasudha Green Farms, [nofollow],
9133498366 / 7416446789[/font][/color]

Sri Manne garu,
  That is my way of respecting people (especially elders) if i see they have something of value in them.

I have some news about initial days of palekar, on how he faked few things from a very key person in OFAI and the tiff between him and Fukuoka natural farmers, but it is not wise to go into details without evidence that i can present. My faith and trust in my friend will not count.

I know few things about padmashree too in general.

Just wanted to share my experience. That’s all.