Newbie --> starting farming in 2 acres

hello all,

i am taking 2 acres of land on lease (25000/acre) to cultivate vegetables. i have been fallowing this forum and the agriculture videos quite a while. finally i got a chance to apply my knowledge into crops. my parents and relatives keep on dragging me down. but finally, i want to take a chance.

goal : at least make a profit of 1 lakh rupees/ acre/ year.
Land location: a small village 60 km away from vijayawada in andhra pradesh
land condition: we have a bore well which can provide water 365 days. soil with good condition.
irrigation type : flood irrigation.
i want to grow short term crops. so that i can grow multiple crops in a single year.

crops i am starting with : brinjal(1/2 acre), french beans( 1/2 acre), sweet corn or jowar(haven’t decided yet). please give me some crop suggestions.

need some information on muskmelon:

i want to cultivate muskmelon. but , can i cultivate muskmelon under flood irrigation. will it be profitable(still doing some more research).

please suggest some more crops.

Hello.I’m from how was your experience with farming.You did organic farming?

Hi sailaja garu,

We have plan to do natural farming but we have not started yet. Probably we will start in this march.

What about u?

Hi silpa,

We are also going to start 1st hand farming from March 2019.
There are many questions in my mind regarding same, we are looking for someone who can share their experiences and tips with us.
Meanwhile this blog is worth reading “”.
Please let us know your plans for development of farm. If senior members of forum can guide us in this self sustainable natural farming journey to take better profit then we will be more then glad.
Awaiting replies …

Hi Pandu,

You can certainly think of growing marigold flowers during festive season.

Dear Sir this is sarath from rajahmundry me also doing farming plz contact me

I want to talk about poultry farming are you the right person for it