Newbie- Request approximate cost of labor cost around bangalore

Hi Farmer Gurus

I am new to farming. I have purchased 3 acers land near kanakapura, Bangalore. I have to get some work done to start farming. I already see people jacking up prices for small works…as i am from Bangalore & new to farming. Hence request you to provide approximate cost of bellow works. Just to be sure, i am not paying too much. Thank you.

  1. Per hour rent of JCB to level land.
  2. Rent for tractor for tilling (per hour/per acer)
  3. Soil cost per tractor/truck load for levelling. I wonder whom to ask around for soil.
  4. Farm yard manure cost per truck load. Do i need to approach poultry farms/dairy near by Or is there any other way to source this ?
  5. Average cost of labor per day.
  6. Supporting bamboos for banana plantation.
  7. One family will take care of 3 acers of land. 1 Acer Mulberry, rest Banana plantation. They seem to expect around 8000-10000 per month. Is this too expensive ?
  8. I can give Mulberry plantation for lease. Pls suggest average lease per acer / year.

Best Regards

Dear Sri Phani,                                      1. Jcb rent per hour will be between rs 625/- to rs 725/-, depending on the extent of working days, nature of work and also the condition, new or old, of the Jcb. 2. Tractor rent per acre will be around rs 1,000/- to rs 2,000/-, depends on so many factors, per time.                                        3. It depends on the distance between your farm and soil digging place, number of trips required by you, mannually filling or jcb filling. Etc. if you can give us answers for above, it can be informed. Generally it will be more in summer.                      4. Generally sheep/goat Mannure truck load upto Bengaluru is around rs 14,000/- per truck load and cow dung will be little more.                                      5. Labour cost depends on area to area. Generally ladies wage per day will be around rs 200/- and for gents will be around 300/- per day.                            6. Better go for tape fixing. Pl enquire locally.                          7. 10,000/- per month per couple is reasonable.                With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    Farmer

thank you G.P Rao ji
i am posting for the benifit of other farmers in and around hassan
in hassan district cost is too high

jcb/hr is 700-850
tractor is 700-750/hr(they take 2-4 hrs per acre)
labor is 400-500/day male and 200-300/day female
silt(from nearby ponds and lakes) per tractor load 250+(distance matters)
manure(usually adulterated with mud) cow dung 18000 now
farm couple demand like bollywood actors, 10000 is readily acceptable
also dear G.P Rao sir and other forum members please provide contact numbers for goat manure

thank you all

Dear Sri khannae ,                      I am getting through one farmer of Sadali village and his phone numbers are 9742500609 and 9964244248. He only helps us . He is getting me a full truck load of sheep/goat Mannure ( old) at rs 13,000/- to Sadali, which is between Chikballapur and Bagepalli.                                You can take his help ,on request, and pay more for the extra distance from our place.  With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Rao Sir

I saw one more thread of yours related to chrysanthemum plantation in your newly bought 3 acers. It seems you have put fencing with stone & steel barb wire. As it is fairly recent time…thought would check with you for approx cost per boundary stone, per kg steel wire cost & labor cost.

Sir also you say around 7 truck loads of goat & sheep manure + some tractor loads of cow manure. Seems cost of this itself comes to 1 Lakh( 13K per truck load). Thought its very expensive. Will one truck load of manure suffice per acer? How frequently we need to do this…to keep soil rich.
From cost perspective thinking to apply one truck load manure initially. Then have two cows in house to supply manure periodically.

I see you sprinkled horse gram before planting flowers. I understand this gives strength to soil. But it seems plants are tilled at time of flowering. Does it need to be this way Or i can do tilling after harvesting horse gram.

Sorry to trouble you with so many questions. Please respond at your leisure. It would be great, if you have some time for direct interaction. Visiting your farm will answer many of my questions. Let me know sir. Thank you.

Best Regards

Dear Sri Sai,

Regarding Fencing cost: Barbed wire, GI, Tata wiron,12/14 swg,is around Rs 80/- per kg. Stones of size 8 inch x 4 inch x 8 ft long is costing around Rs 300/- each. Labour cost here ,is around Rs 150/- to 180/- per pole ( digging a pit, errecting the pole, tieng Said barbed wire in 6 + 2 lines, tightening etc ).

Regarding Farm yard mannure, there is no hard and past rule that this much quantity of FYM is standard. For a good crop a quantity of minimum 3 truck loads and above are required per acer. Even we put more truck loads also, it helps the crops. Basing on the type of crop We grow, 1 lakh per acre is not more . It depends on the said crops economics.

I don’t grow cows for manure, and I purchase from market only .

Horse gram is grown as green mannure. Once you find the flower coming, after say around 40 to 45 days, we have to plough the crop in to the soil and it helps in increasing the soils fertility,porosity etc. Ploghing not after harvesting the horse gram crop.

Wish you the best,  g.p.rao,  farmer.

In one of my farm visits to T. Naraseepur met one of the natural farmers of Rice. He cultivates only varieties of Indian/ Nati rice verities.  He uses a method as follows;

  1. He keeps sheep in his field for one night.
  2. He uses one tractor load of Cow dung manure

Then he starts sowing seeds directly and he confirmed that he is getting production of up to 2400 kg per acre.

The manure you are giving is not a food to plants and it is not true that more manure means more growth.

In many fields the farmers dump manure i.e. cow dung after Ugadi festival and in first rain they mix the same throughout their field.  It is observed that the growth of the plants where they have dumped the cow dung is very less and some times it is noticed the plants look like burnt.