Newbie - Polyhouse project

Hello to all. I am new to this forum.

I am a retired person and intersted in setting up a polyhouse which can provide a regular monthly income. However being totally new to farming, I have a few questions :

  1. Can a person with a non farming background establish a polyhouse?
  2. Can this venture classify me as a farmer?
  3. What is the budgeted expenditure for the land (minimum size) and polyhouse?
  4. Can I buy agricultural land for this project?

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


  1. Any one knows the Art of agriculture can do any agricultural activity, hence you are eligible if you know the art of agriculture.

  2. Agriculture status is inherent status in some states and that inherent status can be exhost when you may become tax payee out of income from any other profession than agriculture. however in some states like Andra Pradesh, TN & Rajastan, any one can purchase agricultural lands and do cultivation, once agricultural land purchased and doing agriculture activity, then your name will be in revenue records as agriculturist.

  3. Budget will be as per land cost along with cost for basic machinery, farming accessories including setting up of poly house or green house cost may depends on your choice/size/numbers etc.

  4. Yes, but it can be with above guidelines. For example, you may not possible to purchase agricultural lands in Karnataka and Maharashtra & other states.

Thanks DNS for your helpful reply.

My idea is to start a small poly house in an area between Mumbai suburbs and Pune. I can invest 8-10 lacs. Is this good enough for a  start?

What factors do I have to be mindful of? How much would a good advisor with practial experience cost in terms of one time project fee or monthly retainership.?

I intend to start by purchasing a small plot of farmland in Rajasthan/AP so as to be able to buy farmland in Maharashtra.  Is this the right way to go about?

Any forum members in between Mumbai-Pune can enable site visit to their farm/project.? This would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Zen,

Poly house cots for 1 Gunta(33ftX33ft i.e. 1 acre=40 Gunta) = Aprox 1.25 lacs. If you go for more than 1 acre, it will be 36Lacs/acre. This cost dosenot include the land cost.

Since you are beginner you must attain atleast 1 year of  experince in polyhouse farming before doing it on your own. If want to learn on your own farm you will pay premium fees for your lessons.

You can avail subsidy from NHM.  I hope you are aware what to grow. You must grow Exotic vegetables like Zucchini,Lettuce,Celery, colored capsicum and all vegetables must be sold at premium prices otherwise you cannot make profits.

The issue with starting up small poly house is, you must depend on a middle man who buys at farmgate. If you have your own logistics, it costs you more. i.e. ratio of cost of tranport v/s your produce. If you have bigger volumes the cost will increase minimum.

So before venturing into anything, Please identify your buyer and cost. Work out economics of logistics, labour availability in your locality etc.
Happy farming.

Dear Sri,

Thank your for your informative response and guidance. I can’t thank you enough.

I intend to start small with 1-2 gunta, as the objective is to keep myself occupied fruitfully (pun intended) :slight_smile: and at the same time earn a decent income.

I will checkout the subsidy aspect of NHM (thanks again, was unaware of that). Any forum member having experience with NHM and how to approach them.?

After doing a bit of research I do understand how imporant it is to do the marketing bit, as the middle-man or transport cost (if away from the city) can eat into (pun again) :slight_smile: the output.

Thanks Sri, will look up all your post. I have a lot to catch up and learn.

God bless.


Dear Zen,

Follow below link … r-methods/
After reading above post answer below question
This exactly what you want to do?

If yes. please visit N.RShetti and he will unlock lot of hidden knowledge.

Dear Zen,

I missed out one point, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Baramati provides training on poly house.
Please check attachment for details
Polyhouse training-kvk.pdf (1.86 MB)

Thanks Sri, Much appreciate your assistance. I have checked KVK course which is to start in Feb. and will surely be attending it. Once again a big thank you and God bless.

Dear Zen,
i am a services professional working in an MNC firm in Pune. i have been a volunteer to organic food NGOs in Bangalore and Pune. i am an eager agri enthusiast who cultivates vegetables at home and guides friends who have land. i would like to join you as a volunteer for your polyhouse project if it is located near Pune. please do consider me.

Dear Levine,

Thanks for your kind offer.

At the moment, this project is just an idea. After attending the KVK training, things will be clear. I hope to get a plot of land between Pune and Mumbai, and if it all works out, will give you a shout.

God bless.


Dear sir,
if you really want to setup polyhouse for commercial production and if u have land available for this … then start it from today
just go to horticulture department of your area. Department official will tell and guide u each n everthing.
cost of 1 Acre polyhouse is nearby 34 Lakh (NVPH) drip irrigation is inclusive

and other cost is depends on which crop u want to take …


Hi am krishnakumar frm chennai new to the forum
I own about 4 to 5 acres of farm land on the outskirts of chennai off late got attracted towards precision n scientific farming ( poly house) methods and want to take up as a full time business.
I would be very much happy to get guidance from every one of you
Thank you.

Dear Sri Krishnakumar,                                    HorticulureTraining Centre, Talegaon, Pune,Maharashtra is conducting training classes on green house technologies, 5 days camp, by collecting a fee of Rs 5,500/_ ( for fee, lodging,boarding,study material,and practical visits etc) on total.                              It is on 28.3.2016 to 1.4.2016, also on 25.4.2016 to 29.4.2016. You can contact Sri Ravindra Deshmukh on 09822499265.          They will teach about Greenhouse technology, type of crops, maintenance of temperatures, bed preparations, cropping etc etc.                                                                            With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

dear sir…
how are you? i am pvrao…i am back after long gap… sir…my ployhouse under construction…it is 4700 sqmts…planning for roses…would you please share me some information…which type of roses?..number of plants…water per plant and econamical factors…anything more which will help me…thank you

Dear Sri Pvrao,                                                                      In roses, basically so many types, in which, mostly grown in india are, majorly Dutch Roses and spray roses. One acre green house is economical for spray roses.                                      Pl try to contact Sri Bhaskara Reddy of Nelamangala, Bengaluru, authorized distributor of Moerheim Roses,  a Netherlands company, leaders in roses and chrysanthemums, world wide. He will be available on ph no 09379558559. You speak to him and he has several varieties with him.                With best wishes,      g.p.rao,    Farmer

hi i am dr.meenakshi sundaram.i have started a 25cents 1000sqm polyhouse near madurai.i am a doctor by profession.i am cultivating cucumbers.kindly send me personal message if u r interested.i will give u some suggestions

Will Like to know present status and details of your journey to become agriculturist.
Thanks a lot.

Hi am Krishnakumar from Chennai new to the forum
I own about 4 to 5 acres of farm land on the outskirts of Chennai (Thiruvellur Dist) off late got attracted towards precision n scientific farming (poly house) methods and want to take up as a full time business.
I would be very much happy to get guidance from every one of you
Thank you.

Dear Sri Krishna Kumar,

I think Dr Ramu sir is from Thiruvellur district of Tamilnadu.He is one of the Authorities in Precision farming and scientific farming ( up dated ). Pl contact him, and get your ambitions fulfilled ,with his help on request. His contact no. 9629897302 and 9087286480.

I appreciate and support your good decision. Work hard, under his guidance(if agreed by him ), you will reach your targets.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer