New to Farming

Hi Guys,
I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I have around 7 acres of land 40 kms from Ahmedabad. I am doing full time my professional job.

I would like to start farming but dnt know where to start. As i dnt have that much time to look after it.

So, any one can suggest where to start…

You can do farming, you have to keep a resident labour family. but you have to spend atleast 10 to 15 hrs a week.
If you cannot do this. Go for agro forestry. You can have trees like Melia Dubia,Silver Oak,Casurina etc.

After seeing your commitments it is felt that you do justice to yourself as well to the land.Plan to dispose it off.In case you feel my views are radical you will realize that my suggestion was the best for you.