New to farming. Need some help

Hello, I have been browsing this forum for some time. This is a wonderful community.

I am an IT professional and I am interested in agriculture. Can someone suggest how to get started? Any recommended books? Any training that I can attend (government/private trainings). In my neighbouring villages, most of the farmers are either growing casuarina, paddy, or some pulses. I haven’t been able to find anyone who is using any modern methods.

I am interested in growing some vegetables/fruits. Any help about how to get started would be highly appreciated.

Do you have agri lands and location ?

If you want to attend workshops, try Subhash Palekar trainings or buy books from him directly from his website. This will help you to start on a right note.
You can also attend trainings from Bhaskar Save’s sons as Bhaskar Save is no more. This is another method for Horticulture.
Buy local agriculture magazines of your choice. If you are in Tamilnadu, there are several magazines in Tamil. I hope you will find similar magazines in your native language.
Just to get some ideas, try my blog
If you wish to grow vegetables, you may need constant labour support than other crops.
Best of Luck!!!

Thank you. I have seen a couple of videos of Subhash Palekar. I will purchase and read his books.
Yes, I am in TN. I will try to get some magazine.
Your blog is very nice. Thanks for maintaining it and sharing all the information.