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My Name is Vijay and i am from Bangalore. We have a farm land of 2 acres in Kanakapura. I am new to farming. Its just land, we brought some years ago. Now we are planning for a full fledged farming. i need advise on Borewell, Cultivation, Farm house, cattle shed, fencing, Gate what to grow for short ternm and long term trees

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First please find out the bore point by scientific method, take help of of technical person, even in some people have expertise to find out water point by traditional method, please follow whatever you can believe. Do the Borewell of 7.5 mm, mostly in Maharashtra the cost is Rs. 85/- per feet and casing cost is Rs. 260/- per feet. Just negotiate and check the rates in your locality.
Second you can carry out soil testing, so according to nature of soil you can select crop or can go for Horticulture farming such as Pomegranate, Guva, custored apple, etc.
For farm house you can plan in such a way that your family can stay there for weekends also it can be use for storage of agriculture produce. .
For gate you can purchase it from old Loha (iron) Bazar, second hand or make simple new one with 10 to 12 feet of length and 6-7 feet height. The cost may be goes up to 15 k to 20 k. for Cattle shed you can visit any progressive dairy farmer of your area, there are lot of design, you can adopt according to your finance and future plan (whether you want to expand the cattle). Barbed fencing with cement pole or iron angle is commonly used. Growing of trees is depend on your purpose whether it commercial or personnel.
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