New to agriculture. Need advise

Hi All,

I have approx 5 acres of land in 3 parts with different soil (black and red) at rural part of Dharmapuri dist. in Tamilnadu. In my district we are observing less rainfall from past few years so we have irrigation issue.

Cam some one suggest me crops /plans which can be grown with less water and administration. I stay 150 km away from my farm land and I have to travel during weekends to look after land.

Thanks in advance for your support.

My case also similar to yours…I am planning matchbox tree Peemaram…started a thread already for this in this forum…

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Since we are staying away from the land most of the time, the best thing to do is plant long term Timber trees like Teak or medium term plywood trees like Melia Dubia, Peemaram, Savukku…etc. Please check your surroundings and observe which tree is growing really well and withstanding the drought condition. If the rainfall is less than 500 mm best tree is Neem (Nattu Vembu). If you can irrigate regularly we can consider Teak. Anything else other than trees will require daily attention, Labour and other things which is big nuisance for working people.

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You can grow papaya or drum stick. These are very good options

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I grow papaya and drumstick Papay needs more attention However drumstick needs to be pruned regularly

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