New Polyhouse Training Course - KVK Baramati, May 2013


KVK has announced the new batch for 3 days Polyhouse Training to be held in May (dates not specified).
Course fees is Rs. 4,000/- which includes Training, Site Visits, Food and Accomodation.

In my view, this course is well worth the money spent.

More info. available at the below link :



Note : The previous course was for 4 days, but this course is for 3 days.

Further to the below, I should add for the benefit of the female Farmnest members, that in case they wish to attend, they are provided accomodation in a seperate ladies hostel. Hence it should be possible for any couple members to attend as well.

Kindly inform us the Next Programme of Poly House Farming.I am interwestd in this Training Programme,.

Polyhouse farmers training programme in Tamilnadu,Kerala or Karnataka.

Any info would be much appreciated.Thank you.


Would like to attend a poly house training in Tamil Nadu.