New Polyhouse installation - Government permissions?

Dear Members,
      I have a farm land in TamilNadu, near Hosur, I am planing to start a Polyhouse for Floriculture. I was told that we need to get a permission from Government, I want to know if this is true. I am told that we need to get a “Work-order” from goverment, which will be issued based on the documents validation of the Land and it would take some time to get it.
      I would appriciate any inputs on this one.


Dear Mr. Sunder,

Good afternoon!

For polyhouse project, government is giving subsidy, hence you have to fulfill its documentation and formalities. For this you can meet local Agriculture Officer, he can guide you. Our company provides, planting material for polyhouse cultivation and gives regular technical back-up. Kindly let me know your contact details.

So please feel free to contact in case of any queries.

Abhijit D. Joshi
Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
+91 95 5252 1677

nice to see someone representing Rise n Shine on FN

there isint any work order as any to make a PH
as already mentioned by Abhijit, there is a requirement of certain documents if you want to avail subsidy.