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Hi Brave Hearts!

As yet another new kid to this forum, i want to your guidance and support.I am working in IT field currently and would like to continue for some more time.
A very good observer for quite sometime in the Agri world…rather spend 1-2 hrs per day in watching various websites ,recent farm techniques used world wide.
Business-To be precise …I have 25 cents of land  near Chengalpet 40 kms away from my residence.Initially i want this to be kept as an idle asset and now i do not want so…
I have certain disconnected ideas in agriculture however after i joined this forum it is clear that there are good souls who could guide me through systematic way.I have read many of the earlier post which really gives confidence and  touch, moved and inspired…
I would really take the suggestions/opportunities and would check all the possibilities to work out for the betterment for the future.

Present condition of the land
1- Fully net fenced
2- No EB connection
3-No closed room.
4- the land is on the state highway.
5- No water resource of own,but water can be used from neighbor who can lease it.

I would like to know :
1- How this land can be effectively utilized?
2- I can invest up to a lakh only.
3- Whatever i invest now can be returnable within  1.5 to 3 years
4- Human resources shouldn’t be a problem at this locality.

Please share your thoughts.
please pardon me if any mistakes out of brevity found.

With best regards

You have to tell what you want to do.

Do you want to grow vegetables?
Will you grow trees for timber?
Are you interested in food grain production?

Best bet would be to grow Vegetables.

Returns can start from 6th months onwards or even earlier than that.

Hi Vinit,

Welcome to the world of farming :slight_smile: good to know you do not want to keep the land idle. Like my other friends above, I also vote for vegetables. Do not cultivate anything if there is no one staying in the farm, unfortunately people rob vegetables too… :frowning: so if you have a lakh as budget, I suggest you get a small living area built. If your neighbor has water facility, then he should have power too, get a power connection done (from the EB, not neighbour); it will help you a lot.

The corporate world must have taught you to get the maximum returns by having plan A,B,C… so on. So I suggest you get some local chicken - no need to invest a lot on feeding, but you get meat and eggs (first few months let them hatch and multiply… then you can go for selling eggs. Just a small shelter from rain and heat should be fine, let them roam free searching natural food.

Coming back to your primary source of income the vegetables - try aquaponics. I will not talk much about it and will let you research on the net for it. We corporates turning into farmers must take the ownership on us to try and implement the new technologies and help our fellow farmers also to benefit out of it.

However please do not hesitate to contact me for any help. I’m also learning the same and just set up a test aquaponic system on my terrace. I would love to help you :slight_smile:

Good Luck

Thanks to all the members who had suggested ideas.
I am just doing  small research on short term yielding coconut tree and chilli .I heard from local people chilli would grow there well.

please suggest/Guide me more about these farms.How well this could encourage me.

Farmers may suggest you to buy saplings from nursery. you may need 14 to 16K seedlings per acre. Nurseries charge 80 paisa per sapling. Labour and transportation will add up to 1/-.

If you do it on your own with home made poly tunnels you can save 50% cost in this.