New in Farming, need guidance

Hello Everyone,

I am new in Farming, recently taken 2 acre plot on lease (registered lease) for 10 years which is about 15 km distance from main city and well connected via road.

My background is IT (information technology), but wanted to do farming as well, hope i will find helpful and good guidance here.

I am trying to put all basic information about the plot:

  1. Nothing has been done on to the plot from last 4-5 years, nor a single crop cultivated. While nearby areas are taken by local farmer and they are cultivating vegetables and other crops.

  2. There are good amount of Termite across the plot (please see the attached picture). I am worried whether it will hamper crop, if yes, then how to get rid of it naturally without using harmful pesticide.

  1. Plot is open, road pass from 2 side of the plot, wanted to know what will be the best Fencing option without investing too much amount. Was thinking of some short of live fencing or any other plant that can be use as fencing and later can be used.

  2. I am thinking to start with Banana, Papaya and seasonal vegetable, please provide any other idea.

  3. There is no arrangement of water as of now, however there is pond which is about 1/2 km distance away. Thought to use motor-pump (2 or 3 hp) to bring water in plot. Want to use most affordable ways.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

  1. No need to remove the termite mound. It will eat only the dead leaves. You can use Termite Sand for improving the quality of the soil.
  2. If you feel there will be trespassing by humans and cattle, you should fence. Because, you are planning for short term crops like seasonal vegetables which will be easily taken eaten by cattle or taken away by people.
  3. Good to start with seasonal vegetables as you will get returns faster. You may need more labour for these type of activities. Just keep that in mind. You can utilize 1 acre for seasonal vegetables and the other acre for banana and papaya or other things. Keep in mind, both these crops require more water when compared to the vegetables.
  4. You have to have continuous availability of water for the seasonal crops as well as the other crops. Hence, plan for bore well in your farm as a long term measure. In the meantime, you plan to get water from the pond is okay.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Ganesan,

Thanks for the reply and guidance.

There are good amount of Termite and they even eat live grass. It’s true that they only eat dead leaves and dead wood. But it seems like they are in huge quantity. I was wondering to use some desi technique to get rid of it.

How about using “borax powder”? Will it affect the soil and upcoming vegetable’s plant?

Fencing is going to cost about Rs 50,000 to 70,000. I was thinking to use some live fencing, although it will take time and same amount i can invest on seeds and Compost. How about planting Bamboo on land’s border? How much time it will take to grow?

I tried to contact local NHM department regarding govt subsidy for bore-well or water well, but the babu sitting on table clearly talks about ‘under the table’ scope.

Regarding Termite Control, I will give the solution provided by Bhaskar Save.

Termite Control

Take 1 Litre of cow urine
Take the leaves of Bitter Neem, Calotropis gigantean, Pongamia Pinnata and crush them well
The Crushed leaves to be placed in the Cow’s Urine
Allow the Mixture to ferment for 24 hours
Dilute with 8 litres of water before spraying
If required, second spraying within 10 days is recommended.

For live fence option, you can choose from the list Until the live fence comes up, you can use any cut thorny branches as a defence mechanism.

If you have enough water from the pond, it is okay. Otherwise, you definitely have to go for bore well.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

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Thanks for clearing the clouds :slight_smile: will follow the advice!!