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Dear Seniors,

I am beginner to Farming. I have 2 acre land in chikmaglur, karnataka. My father is a farmer and he did not provide any education or information about farming, as he was disappointed with with farming due to continuous loss. I am an IT Engineer working in Bangalore and I want to start farming from the scratch and want to take it as a part time job, later I will decide to do it full time, once it is profitable. Request your suggestions for a Beginner in Farming.


Hi Pradeep
Please give your whats App no so that I can communicate with you on farming at chikmaglur
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Go for long term crops like mango, tamarind, coconut etc as these will have minimal expenses after few years.

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Dear Pradeep,
Nice to note your keen interest to do farming. You may contact me for natural farming . My Mobile no. is 9392444251


“One size fits all “ does not applies in new generation farming practices .
Our family elders had done massive damage to our farmlands by following instructions of people who never soiled their hands themselves known as agro scientists , experts , researchers etc and preferred to work from air conditioned cubicles rather than field .

We can not blame our family elders as they were simple people , less literate and almost ignorant about big data / info etc.

New generation farming are based on BIG DATA !
Being an IT professional I guess you know what is BIG DATA explosion is all about !?

Farming is daunting industry in the past and will remain same in the future .
It’s easy to romanticise the idea of having a farm and living off the land.
Having some dirt under your fingernails and feeling the physical realities of farm work can help you decide if you are well suited to farming.
One of the key things to remember is farming is not a career or a job or business .

It’s a way of life !
One of guiding philosophies of a successful new generation farming is to promote health for all .– nature ,animal and human community !

Just imagine about hunter-gatherers of “Fertile Crescent” era( 10000 BC ) who had traveled to the area in search of food, began to harvest (gather) wild grains they found growing there.
They scattered spare grains on the ground to grow more food and began farming .

Walk alone in your farm journey , learn about top soil and underground soil , weed , pests and plants through trial and error .
Chalk out your own farming model and earn fairly not ransom !


Thanks Sir…for this appropriate write up…am 100% agreed with you


What a warm welcome - if poultry is going to be part of your operation feel free to browse the resources here - we have some horticulture articles and resources coming soon:


Hello Friend,
Nice to read that.I am also planning to go for a similar field but i am retired person and have been gathering details from here and there.You have to ask few questions to self …will it be your only source of Income.If yes do you have some reserve amount to sustain for at least three years (Safety to take care of uncertainties, climate change,risks coverage associated with life style and challenges change, learning of new knowledge techniques and skills).
Coming to the actual project you may allocate one acre for natural farming and another acre for experimentation.special farming etc.i have learnt that one acre land when cultivated using natural farming techniques (Multilayered) can yield out put suitable to manage one family of four you need not to buy any thing from market except salt.But you have to really get trained and learn by doing…There is another option of market model of “Miyawaki forest” you may work out .It wil need care for two to three years but later on it will become passive earner.In Banglore many “Miyawaki Forest” have been placed by NGO “Say Trees” there are business models for the same.