New Farm

Dear All,

I have purchased a 50000 sq ft land in Alibaug. Planning to install a bore well to source water and then cultivate a farm. Initial idea to growth alphonso mangoes, coconut trees and other fruit plants. Also planning a fencing around the land parcel.

Would welcome any suggestions on the following:

a) Fencing idea and costs
b) how to cultivate mango/coconut trees

Please help



Dear Sandeep Patil sir, welcome to our forum Farmnest. as regards to fencing, ie; 1 acre 15 cents or 1 acre 9 guntas. It is better to go for GI Barbed wire 12/14 swg fencing , or Solar fencing or A1 mesh fencing. To go for general 12/14 swg GI fencing you require 100 poles of size 4 inch x 8inch x 9 ft long and around 160 kgs of GI 12/14 swg Barbed wire which may cost you approximately Rs 35,000/- incl labour  charges                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Best way is to cultivate with drip irrigation and the distance between the plants depends on the soil structure ,variety of plants etc. any how a distance of 25 feet in between plants either side is good. Low density is better as you are a new farmer  . Go in Natural/ Organic farming. any specific doubts pl ask.  g.p.rao,farmer                                                                                                                                                 

Hi Sandeep Patil,

Recently i put up a solar fence with 8 feet height with 21 lines for 0.50 acre which give you full security like a barrier to outerside world. This solar fence acts like a 24/7 security, here are some photos attached, however it is expensive due to the number of lines and gate. It is Newzeland technology but offered by indian company. If you need more info please email me on


Thank you both for the response. Mr Rao, i will write to you later as i finalise my plan. Btw, do you know any people around Mumbai who could help with GI fencing? Also what is your view on solar system for bore well water pump and drip irrigation? How successful and cost efficient in long run is the solar system?


If its okey, may i request you to share how much was the cost for the land you bought in Alibaug and if there are similar small lands still available for buying. I am looking for something close to Mumbai and costs are still holding me back.

Dear Sir
I have bought a ready farm of 3 acres in a village of Amravati Maharashtra duly fenced and well and underground pipeline with multi outlet easy for water sprinkling.
Now I wish to setup Lemon plantation on 1 acre and high density mango plantation in 1 acre and Custored apple in some part.
Will you kindly guide me in detail about how to systemize and which variety of fruits o should plants. Where I can get best variety of ready plants to plant in my farm. Your valuable guideline will help me lot.

Hi ,
  please contact NRCC on Amaravati road, Nagpur . Their lemon plants are considered to be the best .
Peoples in Vidharbha and north maharashtra take plants from them .  their website has lot of good info . Hope it helps .

But please check the procedure to get subsidy from “Taluka krishi kendra” . If you buy plants directly you can not claim for subsidy .
Please start procedure now itself .

Thanks & Regards,