New farm project (query)

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First of all, this being my first post on this forum, I wanted to say a quick “hi” to all the other members of this forum.

I am starting this new thread with 3 queries. I would be grateful if some member(s) could try to reply to these queries.

I am a farmer (though own agricultural land outside Maharashtra) and planning to purchase 1.25 acre of agricultural land approx. 50 kms. from the Mumbai city. This land is at the border of a concrete water naala (a water canal/water channel, also called a “neher” in Hindi). Please could someone clarify:

  1. Someone told me the land touching a water naalla is government land and secondly, upto 15 metres land from the naalla belongs to the government, while another person told me up to 30 metres land from a water naalla is government land. Please could someone clarify:

(A) What is the actual rule regarding the land touching a water naalla in Maharashtra i.e. is it up to 15 metres or up to 30 metres?

(B) The land is nearly Rs 3 lakhs per guntha. The farmer selling the land is claiming to leave a 15 feet land from the naalla (for making a road) and selling the remaining land to me. My concern is if the, let’s say, 15 metres (approximately 50 feet) land adjoining a water naalla is government land and the farmer is leaving 15 feet land from the water nalla for the purpose of road (giving a path), the farmer is still selling/charging me money for the remaining 35 feet (50 feet - 15 feet) land which technically may belong to the government.

Please could some expert/knowledgeable person in this field clarify what is the exact rule when selling an agricultural land touching a water naalla in Maharashtra?

  1. I was, also told that a house can be built by a farmer for his personal use, if the agricultural land being purchased is more than one acre in Maharashtra. Please could someone let me know how much FSI is possible (i.e what can be the area e.g. 1500 square feet, 2000 square feet etc) when constructing a house on an agricultural land of more than 1 acre, esp. if the land is near a major city in Maharashtra? Secondly, are there any height restrictions (i.e. the house should not be more than 30 feet, 40 feet etc. tall) when constructing a house on an agricultural land in  Maharashtra?

  2. Lastly, and the most important, how do I 100% check/verify that the farmer has not sold this piece of land to some other party in the past? I have been told that a number of cases have surfaced where the farmer has sold the same land to 2 different parties. 

Local Talathi will have a clear map and classification type of land etc .  Please check website

Snip from this website :
Potkarab  Class (a) and Class (b)

It means uncultivable portion of the land. It is of two kinds-

a)    that which is classed as a unfit for the cultivation i.e rocky area, land under nala and farm building etc.

b)    that which is reserved for  public purpose i.e. road, recognized foot path and public place of drinking water etc.

You can construct farm hosue with land more than 1 acre, please check above website for exact rules.

Recently a thread was going on farmnest on how to ensure no cheating during sell of land, please follow it .

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Dear Prashant,

Thank you for your reply.

I have already spoken with the owner of the site “”. The rule for a water nalla is 30 metres. I must add here, though, that I am still looking for a proper answer/explanation to the above 3 queries i posted on this thread today morning. 

You also wrote:

“Recently a thread was going on farmnest on how to ensure no cheating during sell of land, please follow it”.

Please could you post a link to this particular thread. Thanks. 

Please check below posts . … ural-land/ … 0/#msg8520

Thanks Prashant.