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Hi Everyone,

We have recently acquired an 8 acre farm near Balanagar on the Hyderabad Bangalore highway, about 90 km from Hyderabad central. The farm has about 450 mango and another similar no of sapota trees. Mango trees are about 5 to 6 years old and sapota about 3 to 4 years. There are 2 bore-wells and a drip irrigation system in place.

Presently, we are constructing couple of rooms there for self/caretaker and also the entrance gate.

Recently finished ploughing of the intervening area between the trees by a tractor. Also pruning of the mango trees got over. Due to good rains there was good amount of grass around the trees, which have been cleaned as well.

Wondering as to what needs to be done next for the mango and sapotat trees?

Kindly suggest and help us in this new endeavour…

Thanks in advance.

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I am wondering as to which other plants would be an ideal combination with mango and sapota. There is adequate space for about 100 more plants.

Further, on the boundary, is it advisable to plant milea dubya or neem is a better option.

Please help…

Posting some photographs of the farm…

You can plant Melia Dubia, Gliricidia, Laxmi Taru, Neem etc. All depends what you want from your farm and what type of farming you intend to do.

Which among the above suggestions would be the fastest growing and would complement the existing mango/sapota trees the most?

Melia Dubia and Laxmitaru are for biomass. Gliricidia leaves is for nitrogen fixation and Neem for creating congenial ambience and the leaf extract to be used as pesticide.


You can cultivate Tulsi or small Peeper in between the spaces. Both are well used  commercial herb.

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I am sure you will be benefited.

Wish you success.

May all be Happy and at ease.