New farm House


My name is Ravi and i am very keen on starting a Farm house close to Bangalore. We have identified the land and i would like to know if someone can help me in getting this started.

To begin with i have plans of planting fruit tree, a Small green house from flowers and vegetables, A goat farm and some more of animal rearing.

I also wish to have a luxury lilla constructed to invite local tourist for a farm weekend. interested person may contact me on 9740111654.


Hi Ravi. Congratulations!
Do share more details - about the land ( location, size, current use) and yourself.
What kind of help are you seeking - advice/ hand holding/ project implementation?


hey Ravi!
love your idea of starting the new setup.

i have had similar wantings, to having a self sustainable setup.
ohh… i have tieups with 4 telecom networks which have towers in my land and pay me rent on monthly basis + a decent amount of security.

you can also look into that as a regular source of income for running your setup.


Hi Vivek,

Having towers in your land is okay if you are not doing farming at all in your land.  If you or somebody is going to stay in the farm and wish to do farming, it is best avoided as it is quite known that you will have health problems because of it.

Hi Ravi,

Best of Luck!!

As the other user in the post have requested, you need to clarify certain things and proceed from there.


Thank you for the mail. Yes i would need handholding and supervision support. The Land is in Gauribidnur district about 50 Km from Yelankah. The total area would be about 4 acres. Currently only 1/5 of the land has culivation of maize and oild seeds.

I am a hotelier with a farmers family background. Hope this helps.


I would strongly recommend hiring a site supervisor who has knowledge in construction (preferably farming as well). It’s also recommended to give contract to various works like centring, masonory etc. Depending upon the size of the project you would also need daily labor. You would need to find local workers and fix labor costs. You must supervise almost daily to ensure that quality work is being done and reduce cost overruns. Be prepared to shell out additional 15% to 20% above your budget unless you are ameticulous planner.

I have been building a farm house, cow shed with caretaker room and a water tank (above ground) with fence, road etc. I have planted close to 600 tree and fruit saplings as well.  I have been “photo documenting” the entire process which I can make available to you and also provide email support so you are equipped with knowledge. Your experience on the ground may be different from me but at least you will be knowledgeable enough to deal with day to day issues. All the best.