New Entry with little experiment

Home Gardening with new ideas.
First of all, I am very thankful to this website , all other agricultural and gardening websites. Hydroponics websites are also helped out lot.

I applied following ideas.

  1. Hydroponics with hydro gel

  2. no-soil gardening

  3. air root pruning
    This is my steps and working…with materials required…

  4. laundry basket.

  5. hydro gel,

  6. cocopit,

  7. NPK 19:19:19 or hydroponics nutrients

  8. root hormons,

  9. non woven cloth,

  10. old used jeans,

  11. Metal kapchi,gravel ,

  12. Your favourite plant
    First of all … dilute NPK or hydroponics nutrients with root hormons in water 2-5 litre (in recommended ratio).
    expand 100 to 250 grams hydro gel by pouring “nutritioned” water.
    Put expanded hydro gel in non-woven cloths bag(shape of bag must be match with bottom of your laundry basket ).
    Make bag of used jeans in shape of your laundry basket.
    Put this bag into laundry basket.
    Fill bag with single layer of metal kapchi or gravel.
    Now put non- woven clothes bag (filled with expanded hydro gel )
    Next fill jeans bag with expanded cocopit upto edge of laundry basket.
    Make space in the centre of filled cocopit and put your plant in the center.
    Last ritual … Watering your plant with nutrients.!

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I got seed from Local fruit vendor.

I don’t know whether it is successful or not…
But I try.
Using hydroponics nutrients.