New Dragon Fruit Plantation Advice

Dear All,

I want to start Dragon Fruit Plantation in my 3 acres land, made some research online, it looks very exiting and learned a lot related to planting, new techniques for fast growth and higher yield. Will provide more details once i start plantation.

I am searching for plants to purchase, but unable to find trusted source with right price.

Anyone here doing this or can provide any contacts? Also, want to visit some farms to gain more knowledge.

Anyone please help me with dragon fruit cultivation.

I have dragon fruit plantation. Would you be able to let us know what specific information that your are seeking? It is a far bigger topic to mention everything in a post. :slight_smile:

Also, let me us know where your farm is located. Accordingly, I can provide some pointers to you for some site visits.

Dragon fruit is a low water consumption crop.
But it’s give yielding yearly once.
From June to July is flowering period
August to December is fruiting period.
Each plants gives 5 to 15 fruit.
Each fruit weight 200 to 300 gr.
Market price per fruit 100 to 130 in retail market.
Whole sale market price ₹100-120 per kg.

When you start cultivation place the every plant 2-meter x 2-meter space between them and planted in a pit which is 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm in a size.
Also, fill this pit with 100 grams super phosphate compost(In chemical cultivation) Well fermented desi Cow dung or Ghana Jeevamrut or Vermi compost up to 5kg in Organic or Natural system.
The 1-acre land contains about 1700 dragon fruit plants. For plant proper development and growth put the support of concrete or wooden columns.
I hope I have covered the all informative details for the dragon fruit farming.


Please let me know if you have planted dragonfruit and your experience please